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MUSIC- What are we listening to?


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I have been revisiting Gram Parsons (thanks to Limewire for the bits I did'nt have).


U2 named their album "The Joshua Tree" as a tribute.


He achieved so much in such a short time.




"Gram Parsons was born Cecil Ingram Connors on November 5, 1946 in Winterhaven, Florida and died on September 19, 1973, while on vacation, Gram died in a motel in Joshua Tree, CA, a hauntingly beautiful part of the Mojave/Sonoran Deserts. The coroner ruled "natural causes." Phil Kaufman stole the body and burned it in the Joshua Tree National Monument, fulfilling a pact that he and Gram had made."




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Listening to The Beatles Double White for the first time in ages . Brilliantly diverse . Amazing that these blokes could develop and produce such a variety in only 6 years of recording . Happiness is a warm gun .
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This is a great band. "Grand Atlantic" from Brisbane.

They just released there album "This Is".

They have a web site www.grandatlantic.org

Here you can check out the band and even listen to some tracks and even watch their video clips.


And the cool thing is I am on the album on the first and last track. COOL http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/lmaosmiley.gif

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How about least liked /poorest music top twenty.


Such as 1 Kylie Minogue ( weak in every aspect)

2 Police (extreme lack of talent)

3 Skyhooks (poor material)

4 Fray (annoying /nauseating/poor)


Please add 5 t0 20

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