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MUSIC- What are we listening to?


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Thanks for that, I wish them every success. I'm certain I've heard them before ... but maybe not :P . Not up with the local "scene" myself but surely it is a good thing that young females can get up and impress with their musical talents, like Missy Higgins and Sarah Blasko I guess, and not have to carry on like loud and foul mouthed pains (geez I hate american ghetto gangster pop).



Anyway for something totally different: here is some of the boss being melancholy.






The River



The ghost of Tom Joad



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Rod Stewart and a complete newcomer Amy Belle sing at the Albert Hall, London where I saw Frank Sinatra with Count Basie 45 years ago!


Pay praticular attention to fabulous saxophonist--go out and buy Rod Stewart's DVD "Great American Song Book"--that incredible female saxophonist with the ultimate in legs! features heavily in many numbers, wonderful live performances especially the Albert Hall one---Ronnie Woods also makes appearances.



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