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MUSIC- What are we listening to?


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Don't know if you're a melodic rocker wanlika but I just got in my latest shipment . It includes Toto's newie (yet to play it) along with the latest from Gotthard, Allen/Lande, Jaded Heart, Bruce Turgon (Lou Gramm's songwriting partner...remember Midnight Blue?) and some oldies from Giant, Riverdogs , TOmmy Shaw and Y &T that I previously only had on cassette.


That should keep me trading well for a few days http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/cool.gif



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Guano Apes, ever heard of them ?


Me neither until i downloaded a movie clip called martial arts and heard this rocking , catchy, excellent soundtrack.


The song is called, 'Open your mind'


I've been playing it all week.


Just Bought two of their cd's from Ebay recently. Waiting for them to arrive.


Martial arts can be downloaded here, listen to the whole song for free and replay it ...


The movie is cool too !




Some other very funny clips here too.



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QUOTE (eddievanhalen @ Tuesday 21/02/06 09:18pm)

EddieVan Halen, go straight to track 7 on the new Toto cd. Track tributed to VH.Luke and Eddie have been mates for years!!

P.S dont question wether I am a melodic rocker until you have met me. I am a muso and I can rock. Can play Vh note for note!!!!

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In reply to: wanlika on Wednesday 22/02/06 06:17am


As you mentioned, Giant too are a killer rockin' band. Being a muso, you cant help but admire such tasteful players and Dann Huff definately slots into that tasteful players category along with Steve Lukather,Michael Landau,Greg Howe,Frank Gambale,Larry Carlton,Jack Jones(Irwin Thomas),Mark Domoney,Simon Hosford, etc etc

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Remember this classic from the late nineties??? http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/ohmy.gif



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In reply to: rotuma on Friday 23/03/07 01:34pm

Hi rotuma, "Daft" is right ! Must have cost em plenty. Not cheap. Glad your choice not mine. Ciao > b.

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Heard about this one the other day off the radio.

Loads of live recordings from many top bands going back decades.need to sign up but no cost involved.


wolfgangs vault. here.


Old fav's like Led Zep, Slade, U2 to A Flock of Seagulls and hundreds of others.


PS: use a hotmail address or similar where you dont care too much about spammers.Bound to happen.

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