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MUSIC- What are we listening to?


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Thought it would be interesting to hear about new music,oldmusic,concert reviews or just anything related to music.What inspires us?


Any TOTO fans out there? I should re phrase that, anybody that enjoys listening to melodic,rockin' music played by the best musos on the planet?

Well I just purchased TOTO'S 2006 release,"Falling In Between". Wow what an album. These guys get better and better. This would have to be the most creative mind blowing album I have heard for some time. Opening track is a real hard edge track with an Indian vibe happening amongst it. Very interesting!!!

My favourite tracks are 7 & 8. Track 7 is dedicated to Van Halen. Great tune and so Van Halenish.

From a musos point of view, this is creatively mind blowing.These guys really rock with so much style and tasteful playing. Luke is probably the most admired guitarist in the world and after listening to this album, your view will be aligned with mine!!!!!!

Happy Listening


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Please post on a music site not here. Unless it is a music company that is listed on an exchange somewhere in the world.


If you want music and trading advice that is different.


Try these:

Take the money and run - Steve Miller

In it for the money - Supergrass

The only way is up - Yazz




Disclaimer: I am not saying that I like, recently purchased or ever heard the music listed above. Do your own research. Please seek professional music advice from your music adviser.

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QUOTE (wanlika @ Monday 20/02/06 09:31pm)

hey wanlika,


if you want some good music reading on this site, there's a thread call (of all things) "coffee".




It's a pretty entertaining read. Took on a life of it's own.


I can't get past Queens of the Stone Age at the moment, ... late, loud, with a few drinks under the belt (liquoured up?).




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In reply to: wanlika on Tuesday 21/02/06 04:19pm

For we "Oldies" download "Limewire" for free & then ask for what ever you want older tthan 20 years. Out of Copy right > Jazz , Maria Callas to Hoagie Carmichael & Fat's Waller. Google it . I'm playing music recordrd before most of you lot were born! > Good music hunting. w > b.

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