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The problem with Hotcopper


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In reply to: mangrove on Thursday 13/04/06 06:54pm

hehheeh pretty funny, I tried to do a post, and couldn't work out why it was a profanity. Then I noticed the last post around 4ish lol



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In reply to: Yurxter on Thursday 13/04/06 05:54pm

You got to have a laught!!! Gerry's on holiday!! Hey Gerry how's the check list going??? forgot something!!!!LOL


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In reply to: Dknow on Friday 14/04/06 03:07pm

You need to define working. Their profanity filter is a beaut, nothing gets through, then the easter bunny didn't visit 'G' and he is handing out suspensions hand over foot. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/mad.gif

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