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precious metals , my take is marketers use them as hedging for unknow risk more than anything

don't think we will be able to see inflation for a while.


weakness of green back might jack up basic metals witch is good for our economy. just my thinking!!


bullish on AUD is pure TA [ chart study] , it's not really reliable at current situation. those headline can turn the chart upside down within minutes.....

but what can we do?? :sadsmiley02:



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AUD now at 78 cents vs USD.

Who would have guessed that when it hit 70 back in November, with China making it obvious it was going to punish Oz for its intransigence.

Or even March 2020, not yet a year ago when its intraday low was 55.20.

This was the nadir of the COVID panic.

Given that not a lot has changed in terms of OZ, its kinda surprising that it has gobne this far, though perhaps its more of a case of the USD performing poorly.

Will probably keep slowly rising until the next disaster hits and/or sentiment changes.

Fundamentals went out the window long ago.


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AUD hit and Intraday high of 79.35.

Off a bit now, but still holding above 79.

A bit more of this and it will start to have an impact on the exporting revenues.

On the other hand, it will help to keep the lid on some of the items that contribute to the basket that makes up the CPI.

AUD may be seen as one of the currencies with the least amount of QE, sort of lesser of all evils type of thing.





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