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Renewable Energy


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This development could be interesting.... It is obviously a long way off replacing fossil fuels but if successful it could provide an alternative to them in the long run.




China to build world`s first "artificial sun" experimental device

HEFEI, 01/21 - A full superconducting experimental Tokamak fusion device, which aims to generate infinite, clean nuclear-fusion-based energy, will be built in March or April in Hefei, capital city of east China`s Anhui Province.

Experiments with the advanced new device will start in July or August. If the experiments prove successful, China will become the first country in the world to build a full superconducting experimental Tokamak fusion device, nicknamed "artificial sun", experts here said.

The project, dubbed EAST (experimental advanced superconducting Tokamak), is being undertaken by the Hefei-based Institute of Plasma Physics under the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It will require a total investment of nearly 300 million yuan (37 million U.S. dollars), only one fifteenth to one twentieth the cost of similar devices being developed in the other parts of the world.

The new device will be an upgrade of China`s first superconducting Tokamak device, dubbed HT-7, which was also built by the plasma physics institute, in partnership with Russia, in the early 1990s. HT-7 made China the fourth country in the world, after Russia, France and Japan, to have such a device.

"The EAST project research results will be significant for the International Thermonuclear Experiment Reactor, or ITER, in terms of basic research both in engineering technology and physics," said Wan Yuanxi, who is in charge of the project.

Wan said ITER will also be a full superconducting experimental Tokamak fusion device with an advanced configuration, but much larger than EAST.

The program, still in its initial stages, involves Russia, Japan, the United States, the European Union, China and the Republic of Korea.

Controlled nuclear fusion is seen as an efficient way for people to generate infinite, clean energy to offset the dearth of fossil fuels such as oil and coal.

Scientists believe that deuterium can be extracted from the sea and an enormous amount of energy can be obtained from a deuterium-tritium fusion reaction under huge temperatures of 100 million degrees Celsius. After nuclear fusion, the deuterium extracted from one liter of sea water will produce energy equivalent to 300 liters of gasoline.

If a device is developed that can withstand temperatures as high as 100 million Celsius degrees and control a deuterium-tritium reaction, it will be as though an "artificial sun" had been created able to supply infinite, clean energy for human beings.


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Im in the process of shortlisting some "green" stocks. The recent "blessing" of global warming and the general long term issues of climate by senior economists seems to have moved the discussion out of the laboritries and combie vans and into the board rooms.


Id like to see what the collective ShareScene community see as the best players in this area, be they water saving, solar energy, energy storage, geo-farms, wind farmers etc etc.


Declaration : I hold none of the stocks listed below (at time of writing)


I have identified a couple of folks worth investigating :




Summary : Solar


Dyesol Limited (DYE) was incorporated on 9 November 2004 as Dyesol Pty Ltd to accelerate the commercial development of the body of work carried out in Australia on the development and supply of Dye Solar Cell ("DSC") equipment and technology.





Summary : Geothermic


Green Rock Energy Limited (GRK, formerly Mokuti Mining Ltd) is a mineral exploration and mining company focused on projects in Australia,. GRKs main focus is on the evaluation and exploration of the Menzies Project in Western Australia.





Summary : Geothermic


Petratherm Ltd (PTR) is an energy exploration company that searches for commercially-sustainable, emission-free, renewable energy from hot geothermal rocks.



HAV - Havilah Resources

Summary : Energy business + indirect Geothermic


Quid each way here, they are playing in the U-Sector but are also the majority holder (60%+) of Geothermal Resources Limited (GHT)


GHT - Geothermal Resources Limited

See Above.

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In reply to: Wargfang on Wednesday 08/11/06 06:20am

Silex (SLX).


Into uranium enrichment (fully funded by General Electric) and development of novel materials for generation of solar energy from broad spectrum radiation, and thermoelectric energy (energy from heat).

I hold.




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I am currently seeking, like many, to increase my exposure to this sector but when researching find it very difficult to determine which companies possess technology that is proven and plausible and represents a viable alternative to the present methods. There does seem, as always, to be a number of companies jumpimg on the bandwagon who have little real knowhow in this field though write a good story. I would be interested in posters thoughts on prospective companies particuarly where their research has validated the claims of the company in relation to the perceived benefits of the technology or where their background enables a professional opinion. Could i suggest that this topic be confined to things other than URANIUM as this subject is adequately covered under its own heading. Thanks for any input in adavance Crookers
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Ceramic Fuel Cells (CFU) looks interesting, especially in cold climates where the waste heat can be fully utilised. Like all alternative energy gunnabees, the problem is sifting the economics from the "flavour-of-the-month" hype. Now if we had a system that ran on b*llsh*t we would have a real prospect.... will watch your search with interest.
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Geodynamics (GDY) , sustainable baseload energy given they dont get their pogo stick stuck in the hole again and can get the demo/pilot plant up and running.


It they do get it up, the SP will no doubt power on......

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I like the look of GRK. They hold an interest in a Hungarian geothermal project, in conjunction with Hungary's biggest oil company & an Icelandic (the world's biggest geothermal energy users) geothermal consultancy firm. Looks quite interesting especially considering they're insured for geographical risk.

Cream on the cake though is their Olympic Dam project. They've got on board 2 former WMC employees who know the ground pretty well. They've located a heat flow anomaly and believe that they can supply geothermal energy solely to the Olympic Dam. It would be beneficial to both parties, BHP could use the PR aspect of using green energy to power part of the Dam, whilst GRK would have guaranteed cashflow and easy access to its customer.

Keeping a close eye on GRK, not currently holding http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/tongue.gif

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I thought it might be good to start a topic on geothermal energy.

I think that these are one group of stocks that have excellent potential due to the current global warming/renewable energy trend that is forming. I have started this topic to get the opinion of all of you on these stocks. I am not sure exactly how many companies come under this banner, or which ones are solely focused on geothermal resources, but i will get the ball rolling.

Firstly all parties with an interest should be identified.







Feel free to add to this list, and by all means opinions please.





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