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In reply to: triage on Tuesday 04/03/08 06:41pm



wild caught Bluefin is strictly regulated by a quota system. CSS is currently restricted, in terms of intial biomass, to catching as much as its held quota allows. On growing is then allowed once live caught biomass is ascertained and agreed with authorities (for deduction from quota).


Once the tuna lifecycle is reliablely closed and they are producing their own seed stock then organisational growth will be only limited by market demand as wild caught quota will not apply.


Reliablely closed lifecycle is key as they need to replicate hatching and rearing through multiple larva stages in commercial quantaties before it is truly a goer.


Very good progress however IMO.



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In reply to: Waterfront on Saturday 08/03/08 03:11pm

Thanks Waterfront


So it is not a sure thing just yet but it could turn into something really big.


I am looking to get a bit of exposure to aquabusiness and CSS certainly seems to be one with great potential.


It does not hurt when the CEO gives an interview like the one Hagan Stehr gave on boardroomradio last Tuesday. He sounds like a kid at Christmas time - enthusiasm is such a great attribute IMO.




Another reason to be interested in CSS is the fact that John West has a holding. Any outfit that can make ads like the one below have to be worth following http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/lmaosmiley.gif


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Recent ShareScene.com Radio Broadcast (04/03/2008 15:45:00):

CSS - Blue Fin Tuna Propagation - Mr Hagen Stehr, Chairman


N.B. ShareScene.com Radio can normally be accessed by the 'RADIO' link, top of every page.


ShareScene.com Radio delivers investor presentations from ASX listed companies. Keep up to date with the latest corporate dealings of the shares you follow. Hear news direct from the source. Listen to directors and investor relations mangers discuss their company, give investor updates and brief on current results. ShareScene.com Radio keeps you informed about company announcements and events, and provides you daily market wraps and industry discussions.


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Article about the man, the company and the vision on today's Bloomberg website. All sounds very Errol Flynnish...but apparently on closer inspection Mr Flynn turned out to be somehwhat of a cad...




They seem to have made fantastic progress in closing the breeding loop in the last 12 months but I'm still managing to avoid temptation here. :hypocrite:

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hi j


No I'm still not in yet but continue to keep an eye on it.


FWIW I saw a couple of articles about southern blue tuna in recent weeks. Given that the species is showing signs of population collapse I think that strategically CSS is spot-on. It comes down to whether they can deliver the dream (and aquaculture in Australia seems to have real problems delivering the promise).





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The length of time the shares were in the Trading Halt was, for me a little disturbing. As was the heavy discount offered on pre-halt share price, bringing about a drop of @33%. Non-the-less I topped up today with a view to picking up as many as possible under the SPP.

Have traded CSS very profitably over the last few years & hope to do so again.

CSS & TGR both offer tremendous potential. With the depletion of the worlds fish stocks it's safe to assume they have gauranteed markets for all they can produce.

So I guess you could say that having mulloway 'ed over the offer I've dived in hoping to make a big splash.

Cheers Sadb.

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