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At the risk of being sabre rattled, I couldn't help but notice the piece on ABC news tonight. The aviation industry is expected to lose 8 billion this calendar year. One of the talking heads mentioned that QAN was one of the few airlines to make a profit, but it would not have done so without its low cost base of Jetstar.


A spokesman for REX said that things were going to be very tough - so tough in fact that they needed subsidies on some of the regional routes.


On another issue not mentioned in the ABC report, there is also some some significant backlash against REX and its subsidiary PEL-AIR for undercutting the RFDS on patient transport contracts in Victoria. I have recently returned from a tripm up therough central NSW, southern Queensland where the RFDS is treated as akin to gods. Whether this backlash has any material impact on REX and its subsidiary is unknown.


By the way, although I am a commercially rated pilot, I do notwork for any of the airlines, not have I ever done so in the past. Given my advanced years, its most unlikely I ever will. I also have none of my money invested in airlines.



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I don't really care about the long term future, just make money, QAN is almost up 100% from it's lows, VBA is over 100% up from it's 20c right issue, REX is up from it's lows. It's good to make money, trade airlines make money. REX is in a niche industry anyway.
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$1.30 it's running hehehehe
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$1.40 what a dog airlines are lol 100% almost from it's lows, guess it beats ING direct
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Not sure if this will mean anything to you, Kahuna 1 was buying this one last year around the $1 level. He was keen on it's fundas/divvy ratio etc. My objection at the time was the lack of liquidity and the risk involved with all airlines, as well as lack of trading range and volatility.


Looking at the current chart (weekly due to liquidity), at least it is trading above the latest signal bar but not the signal bar prior and seems to have a bit of demand arriving (might be divvy chasers ???).

Resistance to the $1.25.

Several aspects continue to exclude me from trading this stock but GL if it suits your trading plan. The $1 to 90c area looks a better bet if it has a slip


Cheers, M

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I got in for the Divi and sold ex-div at slightly higher than the purchase price. I think it has an excellent future but trading volumes are low which makes sizable trades hard to execute unless you're patient. I have it on the watch screen and will look to re-enter on increased volume or closer to this year's divi (small parcel again). Would not be suprised if it makes $1.40.



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