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S&P/ASX 200


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can anyone recommend a website to get the asx 200 live feed/chart,

i am certain i going to have to pay a subscription to a data provider/website, because the ASX charges

for data, so the cheapest one anybody knows of , thanx

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You can get the various indices on the comsec website under "marketprices" and gives you access to charts, have a look, not sure if that's what you mean.

For live announcements as they feed from ASX I am now using "netquote" which is free quite speedy.

Miss my protrader for live feeds etc. and resume trading announcements. boo hoo

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One may suspect a number of "involuntary" liquidations flowed on from that crazy mistake. For example, stop loss sales would've been triggered - and not only for QBE. If the Insurance or Finance sector suddenly dropped 10%, traders with a nervous index finger would have made decisions they regretted very shortly afterwards.

(OK, some people will say "Serves them right! Bluddy Daytraders!" No need for them to get involved in this discussion.)


The disruption may well have kept our market lower than it would have run otherwise. The reason for my suggesting this:

Next week, on March 19, the quarterly series of our (XJO) Index Options is about to expire. Anybody with access to a daily XJO chart will be able to pick the quarterly expiry dates just by looking at the volume. That explains the significance of the forthcoming event.

My observation, based on the current state of Open Interest distribution, suggests a huge imbalance between OI peak and current levels of the XJO. Obviously, that imbalance can be rectified in two ways:

  1. Contracts that are too far "in the money" can be bought back or rolled out.
  2. The XJO can be moving in the direction of the "sweet spot" on the chart.
A 3rd alternative also remains possible: The lucky holders of deep in-the-money Puts may cash in, laughing at the writers

Which one will it be? It may pay to watch the XJO chart and keep an eye on the distribution of those options...


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Arty have seen this happen quite a few times in the past and have always had my suspicions about such events like happened this afternoon.

In such cases should sales not be reversed???


Ah just caught up to what's been reported. Just in time to edit my post.

>>The Australian Securities Exchange announced first that the trades were under dispute and then that trades at $15 and below were "to be cancelled''.



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