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sell in May .... and go away !


good time to 'hibernate' for a while IMHO :-

* impending US interest rate hike

* run down to end of financial year (traditional)

* stocks, in general, have run too far and too fast over past six months.


R / DaJ.

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Hi Daj, maybe not....stepping aside is good, but is it time to get bearish... doubt it... this is a pre-signal, I think... I stood aside from before Easter, cos I saw today happening, though I thought it was going to be on 30 April, so wrong by a day..., chicken poop will still fly till end of 1st week May, then we will see a rally of some sort, market won't pee it's pants too soon, there is too much at stake, election year and all that jazz
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personally, I think now is the time to be chipping in small amounts into quality stocks over the next 4 weeks IF you are prepaired to hold them for a while.


I see October as the danger period, because the market always gets the jitters around that time of year, and also the terrorists will look at disrupting the American elections in November.........similar to what happened in Spain.


Late August will be the time to sell.....................November will be the time to buy.




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Hector, this tends to support your post:


A leading broker in a research report put out today says it believes investors re over stating the risks of a government induced slowdown in the Chinese economy. "The most likely scenario is that growth remains strong for another 12 months at lest, resulting in even more strains on consumer and commodity prices" the broker says.


"Beijing would not like to see the 2008 Olympics taking place against the backdrop of an economic recession".


"The second issue is the ability of the Chinese government to achieve a slowdown in the economy in the short term even if it wanted to".



Latest numbers out of "China Metals" show no sign of a slow down in the rate of China's consumption growth for aluminium, copper and steel, says a leading broker.


However, there seems to be a levelling in China's imports of alumina, copper concentrates and copper scrap, and would not expect iron ore imports to be sustainable at the very high levels recorded in February and March.


Sure was a rocky ride today...fingers crossed for the morrow.



Cheers BBQ



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Where there is smoke there is fire. China must slow, and that slow down needs to begin sooner rather than later or today will look like a walk in the park. At the same time ther will be some very oversold stocks, well worth picking up. And not just blue chip. Some of the small caps will shine in the future.
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I hear ya acid... but don't forget market is about TIMING.. China and US understand that... those who operate on that make heaps in the market, there is a season and a time for everything.....if you remember that and decide how to approach that.. you will be in cruise mode.. let's all repeat it, watch your timing, for entry, entry and exit.. the approach, acquisition and withdrawal , almost like chasing a girl... fellas, easy does it...be aware, be alert, plan your timing and you will be good....opportunities to make a few bob aplenty...
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