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In reply to: crowman28 on Friday 18/11/05 12:34am



Shorted at 4578, then closed my position for 2pts profit, when bounced back from 4570. If I had of set a stop at say 5600, I could have closed my position at 4560, when I returned. I shorted earlier tonight for a 6pt loss. I have yet to be comfortable about setting stops sufficiently far away to accomodate swings. I usually like to be at market.


By the way are you aware of the difference in turnover volumes in the DOW and the FTSE?


It is amazing really how the Dow influences the FTSE at all because the FTSE does 4 times the volume of the DOW.


Apparently petrodollars seem to be the key to understanding these two markets. Arabs are heavily invested in the FTSE and the DOW.


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In reply to: crowman28 on Friday 18/11/05 10:02am

Jumped on the back for a ride tonight. Hoped off after 21pts. Had I have been quicker I could have gotten 30pts. Thought that having risen to 5530, it might retrace a little. I might jump back on latter tonight.


I notice that the bollinger bands have tightened and there is a breakout to the upside. This appears to have happened on a number of occasions during this primary uptrend.

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In reply to: happy2 on Friday 18/11/05 08:54pm

This is a very powerful uptrend, I think you can just hold on rather than taking small profits here and there. Could run up to 5600 at least before any correction.


Have you traded Euro currency?? Looks like it is downtrend all the way to 1.1500.

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