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In reply to: ausonic on Monday 21/05/07 07:51pm

Took 5 pts then had to swing to long as she found new strenght off pivot!

I was lucky and brave to do that.

Has worked so far.Targeting 30 to 35 on the upside from here,


Having said that if it starts to chop around then I call it quits for the night.


Good Luck

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In reply to: sugarman on Monday 21/05/07 07:01pm

that double bottom at 6620ish with 5 minutes chart that worked this time, sugar. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/tongue.gif


just dumped long and switch to short at 6650 as it hit resistance. my sense is that big jump on last friday is unjustified, it need to consolidate at current level at least.





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