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Dunno, PAX, VBA have been up almost 100% in the last few weeks, I like to hold things longer term to make more money. Laugh all you like but have a look at the scoreboard lol


That's like you saying to me when gold was 260 nah nah nah your not going to make any money I'm holding the current bubble net tech lol


PS - interesting OBV drop in GOLD (AU) recently... ;) ?


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Looks like down 910 now likely to test 900 tonight
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All squiggles on paper. The G20 was a waste of time imo.


That money will never be enough to save the global meltdown.


Its a good PR stunt...smoke and mirrors.


Hold onto your hats and store that gold away!! ;)

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I am by no means a gold bear, infact I like gold and I think some of the gold mining companies aren't such a bad place to be. Gold at A$1200 is great for some of our producers. Funny how not long ago everyone was looking for unhedged gold companies - Soon it will be the opposite - That's the way the cookie crumbles.




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Gold down over 5% in A$ terms. Looking for a bounce off $885 with $900 the new psychological ceiling if we close below that level



Gold in Australian dollars is in fact at $1258.37.


Its most unfortunate that Gold in AUD was ever mentioned, its basically irrelevant, just confuses the issue, and has its own posting thread anyway.


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