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This may take a long time to sink in - but how about all paper currencies are crap! What a revelation. Then what do you invest in?


It's all about faith, confidence, JP Morgan/US Govnmt & China.


I love Olivia N-J. Let's get physical............

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Gold shorts about to be MAULED???
:sadsmiley02: Has it ever occurred to you that there might be some traders "out there" who have a faint idea of what they're doing? Who may have sold into a falling trend once the reversal was reliably confirmed? Who may even have an exit plan that protects their profit - and who don't fudge their stops?

Not suggesting that the chart below indicates the only way to trade safely and profitably, but if I were to buy back at $930, a 4% profit could hardly be called a MAULING.


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Friday night in the US sees the Employment stats, reliable or not the

fact remains that published they will be, the only real question is:

By how many have the jobless increased?


Comex open interest dropped slightly overnight to 365,271

contracts, which presumably are slanted towards the short side, and

GLD's gold holdings remain unaltered.


So: Next question what happens to the USD should the employment

stats be bad?


Next question: given the gold oil ratio has dropped to very nice 19.69,

remembering that when last general scenario was in operation

ie September 2008 spot gold rose USD180 in 5 days.


Wonder whose nerve cracks first? Which Catalyst?

Fridays usually prove very testing in these situations!

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Wren - I lurk on this thread, having a great interest in gold, but I post little.


But I am starting to get the impression that you are trying to police everyone's posts, and checking everyone's posting history....


Surely you don't expect everyone to post every trade on here, do you?


I'm as skeptical as you are about some posts, and some claims, but I think on a forum like this, it is better to give people the benefit of any doubts and simply assume that they are posting hypotheticals - maybe...! ;)


We all have our online persona, nick, and avatar. Perhaps some people extend their persona to trades as well?


But it really doesn't matter, does it? Who really cares?


I know what I'm doing, and I don't need to tell the rest of the world unless I choose to do so or if it's relevant to an ongoing discussion. I have, in the past, posted the odd trade on a thread or two, but in general I keep them to myself.


Meanwhile, back at the gold market - it would appear that gold may be starting another bounce upwards, and that it may have another nudge at the $US1000 level. If it does this a couple more times, but with a lower low each time, then it would be forming an ascending triangle, with great potential to pop through that barrier. Once it retraces from ABOVE the $1000 mark, and then bounces off it as new support, then we're up and away to blue sky.

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