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In reply to: neutron on Sunday 29/01/06 08:58pm


Barclays Capital (UK) is starting a pure agriculture/soft commodities fund next month. I think the returns will be based on the performance of the Goldman Sachs agriculture Index.


I would rather buy the index or the actual commodity, that way you take away the risk of stupid management, eg: AWB!



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trading the xauusd.....


the ADP energy is gone.....the bids side is keen to get a good lift off the NFE/ISM release


from the offer side the ADP was a good opportunity to sell the strength


a new game post-238560-1396527856_thumb.jpg


typically a 100% symmetry lift is the norm.....on this occasion we managed sqr rt of 61.8% to 78.6% of the

previous lift.....it was a strong warning that not everything is healthy and thus far suits the daily chop


disclaimer: trading futures or derivatives carries strong prob of loss

my posts reflect my own work for/about myself

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hesitation? ......all the ratail bulls are in.....COT shows plenty of mid-tier speccies are long gold too


where's the momentum that Non-farms promised and all the "equities are selling to hell let's buy gold?"


how much base building does the pog need to do?


greatest sport on the planet!

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i'm renting shorts on the london trade


i would think that a follow-thru to the upside was the go, but we appear to be stalling again

there's also been a lot of trapping going on, sudden sell bursts then trudge back up but in the larger time frame we seem to

be doing it tough...



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part iii



moving the stop give instant protection, allows scaling if that suits.....eyes should be firmly on what the pricing is saying


are you getting confirmation that the previous (larger degree trend if you like) move is being confirmed

or should we be seeing further erosion of the previous confidence to bid versus the present lower degree confidence to



has the previous pricing been confered in anyway by the current pricing


ignoring the speed or momentum as the pricing is only relevent to itself until more pricing unfurls


(please note these posts are as live as i can get to realtime posting.....the trades are realtime)

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