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In reply to: Edward I on Friday 16/09/05 04:14pm

Yes Edward I, DRT is about my longest holding atm. I bought 21st & 22nd June @ 144.5 & 144.0 for the dividend, but it has been slow to return to my buy price, unlike most of the LPT's that went exdiv on the 24th June, however I did make some good profitable trades on it in the month before. I missed numerous opportunities to sell @ 143.0 since exdiv, holding out for 144.5


It is almost halfway to its next dividend, so is a bit long to hold for me, as I could be using the cash in some faster moving trades. I would like to get 144.5 for it, & I think it will get there prior exdiv, but it looks like I may need to settle for less atm & move on.



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Changing my view on DRT.


Looks like we are looking at support at $1.355 and that range is certainly supported on the orders screen. With support holding we should see DRT channeling back up to the $1.43 range.


I'm going for a channel play on this one.







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Hi folks,


DRT ..... ticking up nicely now, ahead of positive news,

expected in early April 06 ..... http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif


happy days





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