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In reply to: BSA on Tuesday 20/12/05 01:57pm



Had a long talk with John Hassen a couple of weeks ago. Rang him about delays in licensing the technology which was to have happened in July. He is certainly very open and personable. Believe he said his background was Civil Contracting.


Only time will tell if he has what it takes to bring in the dollars.

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Product Test Results - nice to have some news?


I got the funny feeling of having read much of this announcement before. I guess there is what Shieldliner can do, and then there is what Shieldliner can do. It'd be real nice to hear that Premium Pipe Services Pty Ltd had been out and done some work. All in good time, eh? I was planning on big things from this co., it's so dam hard to wait. At least we still got money in the bank for a while yet. Cheers all, mm

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mm For a while there I thought this mob were on holiday! Yeah nice of them to let us know what 's going on . It's all good what they have achieved. but I think we'll be waiting a while before any contracts come their way. No money problems.so we'll see how the rest of 2006 goes , still holding ...... probably medium / long term.
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In reply to: mooomooo on Wednesday 26/04/06 05:25pm



Wondering why there is a bit of interest in SLD last few days.


Premium Pipe Services P/L their one third joint venture has just been awarded their first contract with Water Corporation. Contract awarded on 21/4/06 for $600k.


Not Shieldliner technology but generates some cashflow and establishes creditability. It's possible that Premium Pipes has other work on the go as well?.


Not company making but you have to start somewhere.

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QUOTE (rkch @ Tuesday 16/05/06 01:52pm)



Hip-hip hooray for progress. As of today we have our plumbers plumbing AND a sexy new chair. What more could we ask for? I am even almost tempted to buy more at current prices, and eagerly await further announcements.


Have you cast your eye over SLD's distant relative QHL? Both companies share Deryck Graham, State One, and possesion of a new technique and machine. QHL is more glamorous - composite components for airplanes, etc - and has had a better announcement strem, but it's in a similar position to SLD in that it's trading below float price while the market waits on confirmation of claimed potential. QHL are also waiting on results of product testing - announcement due end of this month. I've got my fingers crossed there too.


- mm

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In reply to: mooomooo on Monday 22/05/06 04:38pm

Thanks MM for that link. Will post again later after I've done my research. Meanwhile we'll plod along.Glad to see you share my expectations of this little company.TIME! If it came in a bottle I'd buy it by the carton!

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In reply to: mooomooo on Monday 22/05/06 04:38pm



One small trade on opening today plus 4.5cents then announcement that operating company has doubled work in progress to $1M plus.


Looks like their strategy, setting up the contracting operation, was the way to go. At this rate cashflow will cover overheads until Shieldliner income kicks in.


Turning into a long term hold for me and will continue to accumulate on price weakness.

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In reply to: rkch on Monday 19/06/06 02:57pm

You got to love these illiquid shares - up 4.5 cents on one small trade preannouncement then down 5 cents postannouncement on a dump of 200k shares.


Obviously someone was expecting more.


Looks like I'll have plenty of opportunities to collect some at these prices.

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It is very modest progress rkch.


I agree with your long term hold prognosis. World domination looks to be more thant a few weeks away, with PPS using Sartex liners and planning to move east "in time". But, this is a wee company, and PPS is not the business it is merely a helper. So, perhaps modest progress will do while we wait to see how the Shieldliner technology works out.

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some distantly related macro speculation from The Daily Reckoning:



The Christian Science Monitor calls it "blue gold."

Fortune magazine says water is "the oil of the 21st century."

And top researchers at Lehman Brothers say water-based industry is about
to explode in size by a breathtaking 500%..

. . .

the U.S. has nearly 700,000 miles of aging pipeline and
pumping stations. Some of these U.S. systems were built during World War
II. Others are over 100 years old.

Old pipes wear out.

When they do, pressure falls. Water leaks out. In fact, U.S. cities lose
as much as 30% of their clean water supply to leaks alone. That's not all.
Leaks reverse pressure and suck in things like arsenic, human waste
particles, chlorine, and decayed metal.

Think about that the next time you fill a glass from the tap!

It's not good. Yet, with over 55,000 public drinking water systems...
about 20,000 public wastewater treatment plants... and around 75,000 dams
and reservoirs... in the U.S. alone... you're also looking at a massive
opportunity, thanks to all that infrastructure waiting to be updated and

Here's the kicker...

New 2005 water purity laws from the EPA demand that those systems get
updated. U.S. spending on new water infrastructure alone could top $1
trillion by 2015, according to both Merrill Lynch analysts and the Wall
Street Journal.

And remember, that's just the U.S.

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