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In reply to: rkch on Wednesday 28/09/05 08:30am



ta for posting details of the tender.


I don't suppose that the ShieldLiner technology is yet applicable to much of that job - from memory, aren't they only doing 300mm pipes to begin with? But it's a clear indicator that a lot of money must flow around the sewers of the world!





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In reply to: mooomooo on Wednesday 05/10/05 09:08am

Hi mo,


Just shows how much technology has been bought together by SLD to make this system work.


Impossible to know exactly what percentage of tender is for 300mm pipes but don't think there will be a lot involved in converting for larger diameter pipes. Tender runs for three years, I expect they can start with the 300mm sections then move onto the larger sections when they have perfected that.


Cash flow projections being prepared will give us some idea of what they expect to win.


Expecting to see further announcements over next two months.

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In reply to: mooomooo on Wednesday 26/10/05 08:22pm

Fellow Patient Shareholders,


Contacted John Hassen as to reasons for delay in announcing licencing agreements as these were expected to come out some time ago. The reasons are many and varied but basically delay is due to the complexity and number of parties involved.


Progress has been made and the announcement is expected soon.


Happy to say their response was prompt and interesting.


The wait will be worth it http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif JMHO

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In reply to: rkch on Thursday 08/12/05 01:41pm

Very subdued market reaction to Licensing announcement today.


Ownership of operating company (Premium Pipe Services) is:-


Shieldliner in exchange for Aus & NZ license (one third)


Trevor Gosatti in exchange for plant & equipment & management (one third)


Alinta (via subsidiary) for $400k (one third)


Now all we need is contracts to generate the dollars.


Sale of additional overseas licenses will be a bonus.


Expect this will be generating profits first half 2006.

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In reply to: rkch on Tuesday 20/12/05 02:24pm

Its interesting tech and I would think loads of potential, an engineer friend of mine told me about them in Sept as he felt it would be one to watch,....I might add he is a terrible investor. So many good stories and technolgy out there.



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QUOTE (rkch @ Tuesday 20/12/05 02:51pm)

Definitely, as mentioned there are so many good stories/tech out there, but if it does line the bank account then its history.




PS hope it lines the bank account for you as well as it lines the pipes http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif

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