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In reply to: awol on Monday 26/09/05 08:41pm

Nice little move up in this tightly held stock today. This technology has so much potential to save Gov and private co's tremendous savings in time and cost repairing pipes. Maybe that contract mentioned on previous posts is looking feasible. Anyone know ?

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In reply to: douce on Tuesday 27/09/05 12:41pm

hi douce,


Few people want it in a hurry all of a sudden.


Don't think it would be the Water Corporation contract yet.


Contractors were required to register their interest by 7 September 2005 with a panel contract to be established in November 2005.


May be some other news we don't know about, about to be released http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/icon14.gif


Whatever it is I'm happy http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif

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In reply to: jane007wang on Tuesday 27/09/05 01:13pm

did likewise a few days back Jane.


Sounds like a rvery easonable story to me.


I made my decision using SA (superfical analysis) and am still wondering, how DO you put a value this one? (I have consoled myself with the thought that at the very least IF the contracts run to $1mil/km and the technology is applicable worldwide, even if they are only collecting commisions, the market cap doesn't seem extravagent.) Christopher, how do you get 0.35????




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I was commenting on rkch post on 20/9/05


"I think that this run will take us to around 35cent mark. Looking for news on completion of licensing agreement for Australia and NZ to kick SP from there"


I still feel that 35c is conservative but there are so many variables in a co like this but if well managed "blue sky" comes to mind. LT hold though (I hold n my super fund and hope to top up soon)



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In reply to: mooomooo on Tuesday 27/09/05 07:46pm

hi mm


Details of tender taken from The Australian:-




Contract No: RI-05-12287


The Water Corporation is establishing a main sewer relining program within the Perth Metropolitan Sewerage Conveyance System, with a budget of $40M over three years commencing immediately.

All unprotected reinforced concrete main sewers over 55 years old (approximately 54km) are to be relined and a priority list is currently being developed.

These sewers generally consist of pipes between 300mm and 700mm diameter, although some are of larger diameter pipes.

It is proposed to establish a panel of two main sewer relining contractors to undertake the relining work over the next three years. Some of the sewer larger than 700mm may be tendered by separate contract.

It is anticipated that tenders to establish the panel of relining contractors will be called in September 2005 and a panel contract established in November 2005.

Experienced contractors in relining reinforced concrete main sewers should register their interest by COB Wednesday, 7 September 2005 by contacting either:


Manicka Vasagar, Project Manager

Phone 08 94248529

Fax 08 94248409

Craig Boyce, Project Director

Phone 08 94202635

Fax 08 94203172





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In reply to: rkch on Wednesday 28/09/05 08:30am

I hope we are all not living(or trading LOL) just taking in each others washing here but I loaded up on more this week-- Nah- it is really exciting technology- All those old sewer pipes that are constantly needing "electric eel' clearing can be renewed without the terrible disruption caused by digging.As well as the other application in gas and water.

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