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What can we derive from that observation :icon14:

Answer: That we have a very level playing field. Not!

Ever tried to buy 5 shares from another of your accounts, then send your online broker a note "Oops, pls reverse!" :icon14:

Neither would go through - unless you're in the league of Goldman Sucks. :excl:

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Out at target - before the Bearish Engulfing candle played out.



$1.18 might offer a useful buying opportunity; but I won't even place a bid until I see clear support.

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Sharks or not: The February rally would've made a great trade. Shame I let them scare me on the 5th and didn't return. :blush:

When I got the support alert today at $1.27, I bought back in.



Initially started as an Intraday swinger; but in the end, the daily chart looked good enough to risk a Hold overnight.

At $1.35, I'll feel comfortable enough to add to my position.



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I thought today's AGM and forward-looking presentation would've had a stronger effect on AAC's share price.

As that didn't happen, I pulled my bid again and shall leave it alone till after Easter.


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