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arty wrote on Friday: "It fell 1/2 a cent short of my main (middle) target; happy to have taken profit at 20 and - today - 19.5c.

Now I've redrawn the Fibonacci range and plan to reload when retracement support becomes clearer."

So you exited at 20 and 19.5c. Tough break missing out of the run today.

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its just personal preference, i prefer trade over investment

get the money n run

life is too short for long term investment

especially for mining company, just a trading halt n cap raising all ur profit is wiped out, no emotion needed sharemrkt is a game for greedy ppl anyway

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maybe the BRR broadcast has something to do with the recent rise?




I just haven't found the time yet to sit and watch all 45 minutes of it.

(But then, you know that I prefer to gauge the market mood by other means. :graduated: )


btw, to clarify a point from yesterday-

When I said I bought the break, that's exactly what it meant: I realised the change of momentum and bought all I could get at 20c; then I averaged up when it was confirmed. I also sold most of it again at the Fibonacci levels shown on the chart - no, not at 22, that's where I was still accumulating ;) before buying an overnight position which I traded out (and back in) today.


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