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This ripper from another forum is worthy of copying here:


"The claims are getting wilder, and less relevant. Is there just a trace of panic setting in?


Next, your claim that AXE "has the highest TGC grades" is pure fantasy. Wishful thinking, maybe?

The highest grade reported by AXE is 21.3% TGC.

The highest reported by SYR is 26.0%, with many analyses above 25%.

Last time I looked, 26.0 was bigger than 21.3, but you may have some strange arithmetic.


A comparison of recoveries is not possible at this stage, as SYR has not yet done that work. Hence your claim that AXE has high recoveries is simply not meaningful. There is no comparative yardstick.


You have been very critical of the SYR deposit at Balama, comparing it adversely with the AXE deposit at Campoona. Allow me to return the compliment!

The SYR deposit outcrops AT THE SURFACE, with an exposure of more than 300 metres grading over 15% TGC, with a true width of more than 200 metres.

What is the AXE outcrop again? Oh, silly me! None, of course. And the true width? Oh, sorry! They've never got around to stating that, merely hedging around, stating only that it lenses in and out. Someday, AXE will probably drill a hole ACROSS the deposit, instead of almost directly down-dip. The resulting intersection will be very interesting, and may be a little sobering for AXE holders.


As for calcination, yes, I do know what it is. However, I will leave to you the exercise of finding out for yourself. In what way is it relevant to the SYR forum?


Finally, yes, AXE are in a strong cash position, with $12.5 m recently received from the sale of their tenements. Have you noticed that is almost exactly the value the market puts on the company as a whole? Which is not exactly a strong vote of confidence in their chances of getting projects off the ground."

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While I hold a speculative interest in TON, my primary graphite play is AXE.

The main reason for AXE is the comparatively low sovereign risk and proven quality infrastructure. Neither apply to Mozambique.


Both may fail; that's the risk with any explorer. On the positive side though, even the promise of success gives them the potential to rapidly rise - like SYR did a few months ago, TON starts doing today, and AXE may easily do on the back of the latest Campoona and Sugarloaf announcements.


Never mind the opinion of some faceless bloggers on "another forum"; they don't reflect market sentiment.

Only charts do:



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Following today's pictures of the new lab facilities, buyers have been stepping up: 300k bought at 16 so far.

Targets: 18, 20.5, 22c

Trailing Stop Close Below 15c


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$62k worth of stock traded all day? Hardly volume buying.


SYR raises $16M at $2.25 and the price powers on to $2.86 on $1.9M worth of stock. That's what I call confidence. ;)

The insto money is only interested in one graphite story. BALAMA!

Good luck with AXE.


I'm still waiting for the 80c gap in SYR to be filled (according to chartists). Will never happen IMO.

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Targets: 18, 20.5, 22c

It fell 1/2 a cent short of my main (middle) target; happy to have taken profit at 20 and - today - 19.5c.

Now I've redrawn the Fibonacci range and plan to reload when retracement support becomes clearer.



Fundamentalists may like to read today's AGM Presentations: http://www.asx.com.au/asx/statistics/displ...;idsId=01348286

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