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hi banska, see your still down ramping Archer, must be feeling real threathend by AXE and looking for newmoney to go into SYR on their next ramp job ?you know we still follow your no-thril commentory across all chat rooms, AXE got the goods astodays ann. further confirms it, long intersect, further high grades, high recoveries and purities.all previously metallurgical tested and further tests to come from the DD

DD going back to Sugarloaf - 40-70 million tonnes of exploration target. seen the amorphous high grade powder ann by AXE. ? do you understand it ?

Extra Large EM flown and finished over their multible tenement targets, with a clearpath confirmed towards production, i can understand why you fight against the AXE story.

what have SYR proven sofar ? absolutely nothing. Why ? because they cant prove their own spruiked up announcements hence starting exploration in Tanzania yet another high sovereign risk country to milk the share market. Thats right Banska, you postunder a different nick name on other chat rooms with only one intention: to creamand mislead the unknown.

want to know AXE's present cash holding? aud 12.5 mio.today 3.8.2012.

an Enterprise value less than total spend on campoona exploration.

who is fooling who Banska ?



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from today's announcement:







Results for three of the six diamond drill holes at Campoona Shaft have been received

Significant results include:


o 81.4m @ 16.1%TGC from 25m in hole CSDD12_003 including 16.4m @ 21.3%TGC from 90m


o 98m @ 13.3%TGC from 17m in hole CSDD12_004


o 46m @ 12.6%TGC from 28m in hole CSDD12_005


All assays from the recent RC Resource drilling program at Campoona Shaft have been received. Significant results include:


o 56m @ 10.9%TGC from 47m in holeCSRC12_058


o 64m @ 11.8 %TGC from 54m in hole CSRC12_041


Results for the remaining three diamond drill holes are expected within the next three weeks.


Detailed geological logging has identified four main geological domains. Metallurgical test work of the domains will be undertaken to ascribe product types and grades per domain.


All Resource drilling at Campoona Shaft has been completed with JORC Resource estimation expected in Q4 calendar 2012.


I hold AXE and TON.

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Melua, you are right on all counts. The drill holes are going almost directly down dip, so true width is much less than the intersections. In addition, the deposit is lensing in and out, which means that any pit will have a large amount of waste material to dig out, for no profit.


Who wants to try to run a mine like that?


Sad truth is that the current market cap is roughly equal to cash held, implying that the market puts essentially zero value on the whole set of mining prospects held by the company.

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