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So far no offer so the likelihood is going down but who knows.


The question has to be an internal one about where they will get the best bang for their buck although a cheapskate scrip bid would get them over the line so I will be fairly sus on PDN if they don't move since JB is a U permabull.



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Well that would be extremely nice! It'll be interesting to see when the ex date will be and whether JRL will continue to maintain current levels.


P.S. I'm also wondering now about the minnow SXX?? Market cap of 2.4 million dollars with a 5% holding in this project!! Do the mathematics on EME (85 or so million for 37% stake) is what the Chinese are paying for that and you get my drift!! Also, due to the percentage holding the Chinese will have with EME I reckon if they were to take out the minnow if is a good possibility to be approved imo! :biggrin:

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hi mme


SXX will keep getting calls for cash for the project and they get NO say. They managed to claw back some of their stake despite missing a call (by threatening protracted legal action as I understand it).


I would keep spending if I was the new owners and keep the pressure on Boris Ganke to keep finding money and keep screwing his own shareholders.

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