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And just a quick note, you know which are my favorites and you're already holding them!! JRL, EME! :biggrin:

I'm also holding smaller parcels of PDN, ERA, WHE, GGG (a very dark horse with huge potential upside - once everything falls into place assuming it does this will become my biggest holding) and larger: AGS. :biggrin: URM might also surprise in years to come.

Please do the usual.


JRL and EME are my biggest parcels in this sector!

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Not to stay off topic for too long but yes you are right! Though if it happens it'll be the easiest way to make alot of money in a "U" rare earth company! My exposure is relative to risk at present, I merely have a very small part of my big toe in their at present. :biggrin:
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THX are onto something big in the NT and also hold a hell of a lot of ground around and along strike in the Ngalia Basin near Bigrlyi.


Check out todays news on THX. Getting thicker and higher grade the furth north they drill.


I hold bucket loads of JRL in SF.

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Hey Buddy


Everything all good in this neck of the woods. Weather just perfect lately. Just waiting for the marlin to show up now!!


Heck even been a good 6 months in the market!!


Hope you are well mate.


PS, cant wait to see what deal LD has in store for us.

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