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Can anyone tell me who else was in the DVD? I saw MP & PL and heard them refer to Leo & 1 other from Findlays but there were a few others there I didn't recognise. Particularly - 1 guy in the meeting shots and then the geo guy at the table with the ruler. TIA.
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In reply to: slayer on Tuesday 05/12/06 05:29am

Hi Slayer


I just received my dvd in the mail today and just watched it then..same presentation that was delivered in the EGM


The gentleman in the black framed glasses sitting in front of Mike Povey in the aeroplane is Marcus Edwards Jones.


Of course there is also the other gentleman Liban Bogor who gave a great description of the real situation in Puntland.


Cheers, Sp

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just had a chance to watch the DVD. A few things surprised me:


1. the hyphen ws involved from way back

2. how poor the city appears

3. how much work range has actually done.



my capitalistic desires aside, I sincerely do hope that this project gets off the ground and quickly because that country can certainly do with some major investment.

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In reply to: hajda2 on Tuesday 05/12/06 10:25pm

I've got three accounts and guess what?


that's right, I've got three DVDs.


I've watched them all and they're all the same http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/tongue.gif


On a serious note it was a very interesting watch.


As DrA said, they have done an enormous amount of work already.


I like the score (Pachelbel's Canon is always a winner). Maybe if they played it through loud speakers it might calm down all those gun toting rebels from the UIC.






PM an address and I'll send you one of mine http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/king.gif

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