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I have heard about re-writing history. Now I have seen Shabelle re-writing the news.


On Friday, All Africa carried the story about the "unanimous decision" of the security council to "rebuff the draft US resolution". I cut a couple of paras fro it in my post yesterday.


But it now seems no decision has been taken.





Somalia's Interim Government Welcomes UN Draft on Peacekeepers

By VOA News

02 December 2006



Somalia's interim government has welcomed a draft U.N. Security Council resolution that would authorize a regional force to protect the fragile government.


A Somali official, Information Minister Ali Ahmed Jama Jangali, said Saturday the U.S.-led proposal is a step in the right direction to stabilize his country. He said he hopes the draft will be adopted quickly.


The U.S. ambassador to the U.N., John Bolton, circulated the proposal at the Security Council on Friday. He said the resolution envisions an eight thousand-member peacekeeping mission staffed by a seven-nation African regional group known as the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development.





3 December

Japanese news paper reports positively on the draft security council resolution.


It may yet get up. The proposal is for Sudanese and Ugandan troops, and maybe another, with arms, to provide the peace keeping force. But not Ethiopia, Kenya, Eritrea or Djoubouti.

Bordering countries are excluded.


UK stronly supports US resolution. China? Well they told Pres Yusuff they would help. Russia and France?? Which way is the wind blowing!


Shabelle has now dropped its story and carries a story about Mr Aweys flying to Djoubouti to meet with Islamist leaders.


There is still hope that the Peace Keeper thing will happen.




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With so much Somalian political stuff posted on here I'm surprised not to see any comments on today's announcement.


Range is of the view that this situation will not escalate, with the Puntland government still in a stable position with a strong support base throughout the state.


Or does no one believe the company's view?

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In reply to: theflasherman on Monday 04/12/06 06:57pm

I'm surprised not to see any comments on today's announcement. Or does no one believe the companies view?   


perhaps some are just to busy to comment or ( as in my case) monday is a range free day....to keep my sanity I only look at the SP 4 days per week.



However, could the ann be for the purpose of setting the stage for the PS/JV ann. I'm confident. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif

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