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In reply to: dee27 on Sunday 15/10/06 10:41am

Hi dee27,


I concur with your comments and I will be voting no to some of the resolutions such as Resolution 2 - Issue of shares to Findlay and Co amongst others


The company has not been clear enough for me with their announcements and people that say they have are either in denial or......

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QUOTE (Sportback @ Sunday 15/10/06 11:37am)



Then how is Range going to come up with the $7M? I'm glad they used their own money, got to make you wonder why they would invest $7M if all was doom and gloom... http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/rolleyes.gif


You guys are talking as if the sky has fallen. For some maybe it has?


As far as I'm concerned RRS have done a enormous job to keep this for over a year now. Management need to be applauded.


Shooting off the way you all are, really shows how little respect and toleration you guys have.


Frankly the sooner you guys sell out the better things will become.

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QUOTE (econex @ Sunday 15/10/06 11:52am)

Hi Econex,


Just calling it the way I see it.


Trying to inject a bit of sober realism into a thread which at times tends to rumor mongering, herd optimism and wooly, wishful thinking.


IMO a lot of you have got too much riding on this and are unable to look at the company clearly and objectively due to emotional attachment.



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In reply to: dee27 on Sunday 15/10/06 01:14pm

I tend to agree with Econex,


What is there to be served by trying to destabilise shareholder emotion, when it would appear the company is 99% the way to achieving what many previously would have labelled impossible


Whilst some may be aggrevated, I believe, as dee27 puts it, you really have gotten too emotionally attached to the story


Every post that proclaims glory with some timetable attached to it, only serves to frustrate the author and the reader, when that timetable is not met


There is so much blabble around this company, most of which is pedalled by shareholders, that it actually serves to discredit those involved and therefore the company


This forum is a very powerful vehicle/tool, when used correctly and efficiently, yet often it is not


For example I have never heard of shareholders and others making repeated phone contact with directors of a public company and in what I would presume under the environs of private dialogue, then proceed to spray everyone with the contents and so on and on


I think that is direspectful of the relationship you have been able to create that allows you to make the phone call in the first place........and then have the audacity to challenge the said person and company when 'your' expectations are not met


Quite strange really


No wonder you are all being watched


If you don't have confidence then you have the opportunity to sell


It would appear to me that the board and management have done a tremendous job to date, in what is a very difficult and challenging environment, managing the emotions and expectations of people and their personalities over maybe 5 to 10 jurisdictions internationally.............think about that for five minutes, when all we have to do is get up in the morning


I got into Range for the Peruvian Uranium.........the rest has been a welcomed bonus, the board and management have my unwavering support



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In reply to: 2187 on Sunday 15/10/06 02:04pm


I rarely post but have been more than grateful for some of the information/research freely given to investors on this thread. The issue of time, volatility and speculation seem to distort rationale for many, myself included from time to time.


As an example (I have used it before) OXR in its early days, soveriegn risk was as much of an issue to investors then as now for RRS. Some of the misinformation and rubbish bandied about (particularly on the other chanel) was nothing more than emotional baggage having not been based on fact or really taking the time to DYOR, quite funny to look back at it now. It took OXR 6 years to get where it is now, the management was and still is excellent. I bought in at single figures.


RRS is very much the same compelling story, they have excellent management which I think some fail to recognise, it will take many years, if you do not have the patience, go to the casino.


Anyhow, just my 20c worth, I hold.





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Hi all


Been away for a few days and just caught up on the posts.


Econex, good to see you posting again.


Barty, you not a happy camper i see. Not a good day at the track yesterday or you not happy with the Canmex deal?


Amazed, great stuff on the LL/Canmex research on friday.


Dee, appreciate your thoughts. I too have taken a bit off the table compared to my maximum holding and while i cant speak for other people's objectivity (or lackthereof), I certainly feel better for it (but still holding enough to make a difference if things go right).



All, I do think when looking back to last week that something is a miss here.


I mean we had a 5 day halt, and then 100m+ volume on what appeared to be an announcement regarding the replacement of MEPS. When the MEPS deal was originally announced we did NOT have the halt and we did NOT have the volume.


It looks like there was some positioning going on over the last 2 days....


I certainly dont subscribe to the need to "hold the SP down until the EGM". We know the resolutions will get passed, and if the shares are trading at 5c at the time then big deal, its not really going to stop the resolutions getting passed. Remember the rights issue at 1.5c with a free option when the shares were trading at 5c+... its the same thing.





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In reply to: Livas1 on Sunday 15/10/06 06:23pm

Liv - big difference with a rights issue is no one gets favorable treatment - all holders get the right to participate in proportion to their holding. If the SP hits 20c between now and the GM vote it could easily draw CDU style attention from the authorities.



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In reply to: slayer on Sunday 15/10/06 06:48pm

i don't really post because i don't think i can add anything to what has been said. but could someone please tell me what you are reffering to by AIM, in your post. i do hold rrs and have 4 awhile i have obviously miss the full meaning of AIM thanks everyone

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In reply to: 2187 on Sunday 15/10/06 02:04pm

I hold but I would like to know something ,Can you please tell us what have they achive so far as oposed to what they were saying they would achive , don't tell me they got some very important people on board ,or so they say they got the best of the best,,,,,,

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