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In reply to: fisho2626 on Thursday 11/09/08 07:22am

Don't worry Mr Fish,


Just a reaction to recent metals weakness & general overall market conditions.....TPI also had a recent broker downgrade which may have scared a few , but CMV is a different beast & Meretec should prove huge given time.........All recent news & reports have been good & future projections are upbeat.....


Unless there's some bad news coming from somewhere they look very cheap at the mo.



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In reply to: oilleak on Thursday 11/09/08 08:28am


Certainly if projected profits can be sustained the shares do look very cheap. As you say, CMV is a different beast from miners and those who are dependant on ore prices. CMV has the ability to source scrap at a price that reflects the value of the metal whereas miners costs of extraction are the same regardless of the value of the metal.

I suppose I don't really have to ask if you see this a s abuying opportunity ?????





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In reply to: fisho2626 on Thursday 11/09/08 08:34am

Yeah matey, CMV should have a 'profit margin' whatever the metal price, IF they work it right....& management seem very confident....& competent....


Buying opportunity....hard to pick bottoms...hopefully metals are coming back .....Recession tipped in US but China should keep metals strong....$AUD dropping should compensate any fall in metals so far.....Which means CMV very cheap.....


Buy on the dips matey & its still cum divvy at the mo......


A lot safer than wine stocks http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif

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Hi guys... I sold out earlier this year in the 60s to take advantage of some other bargains but .28 is too tempting so I'm back in. I think this company has extremely good prospects and have continued to follow even though I was out. Hope I'm not missing something obvious!
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I am looking at loading up with $15,000 worth of this stock in its SPP but it deos not seem very liquid. Does anybody with more experience on these types of stock know if I will be able to uunload my shares once they are alloted or will their be no buyers for stock?




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what you propose is too risky. My expectations for CMA have been adjusted downward.

Share price can easily slide under ten cents.

This is a "sleeper" stock, buy a smaller amount then lie low and remain invisible.

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you can never tell for sure ,but the low volumes are a worry ,on the other hand if you were thinking of buying now ,on market why


wouldnt you wait for the SPP to land ? as its fair to assume they generally go down for a couple of days at least .so you would put off


your purchase .


the SPP is at 10 cents so its a bit skinny,i agree with zookeeper for what its worth or go for less maybe?




cheers mick

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