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In reply to: allanc on Saturday 04/08/07 05:33pm

allanc you make a personal attack


"I guess that is why you are plain 'bazza' and 'King Baz' rules!! "


then you ask for no personal attacks


"the personal attacks are few and far between - let's keep it that way."


So its OK for you but not OK for others is thats what your saying.


Besides the posting wasn't meant as a personal attack but more of warning for the inexperienced.


And I am much happier as just plain Bazza at least my head fits on my shoulders.



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In reply to: Bazza on Sunday 05/08/07 09:50am


Yeah I think it is OK to voice your concerns.

I am a new person to share investing, and I guess my timing real sucks, but I thought that this forum wasn't the typical ones that tend to be around and therefore I thought people would share all their wisdom.


I think what I have learnt is that it doesn't matter how good a forum might be, people will tell you all the good reasons for buying and why the markets will go forward, but they will never tell you when they will sell and why .... most of the time they will tell you some time after the fact, I guess it makes them feel good.

On the other hand, if someone does post negative sentiment then they will get a deluge of posts saying they are down rampers, idiots and all sorts of attacks.


This has happenned now a couple of times and I have now learnt (at least I hope).


Now all .... don't get me wrong, I take full responsibility for my actions and don't blame anyone. I am still in the positive with NWE, but am contiuning to learn the art of reading between the lines on these forums.

ANyway thats enogh from me .... I am sure I will be called all sort of things but who gives a ..... http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/grrr.gif

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In reply to: serpie on Sunday 05/08/07 09:13am

Well said Serpie.


While it would be nice to know everything that forum experts are planning to do in explicit detail and in time to act, such an expectation is I think unrealistic. We should conduct our own due diligence on the gratis gems of research that we receive, and then, if the information gives us a net benefit, can we fairly ask for more? King Baz and others have my gratitude.


The question before us is not whether we should have sold NWE a week ago, but whether we should sell or buy it now.


I'd greatly appreciate a reprise of exploration/production prospects for NWE, how good realistically are they, and roughly when might share prices reflect the benefits. In short, is NWE a buy, a hold, or a sell?

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In reply to: nizar on Sunday 05/08/07 12:02pm

Ha yeah KB selling 4 mill NWE would have been responsible for a big part of the drop http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif Well done, old style forum maximization and everyone would do it if they had the chance. Buying even half that volume back in will be a bit tricky in a short period of time if the market stabilizes again as its not a terribly liquid stock as it rises. As i cashed out of others last week, NWE and one other the only spec stocks i held.

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In reply to: Wossname on Sunday 05/08/07 10:49am

Hi Wossname,


Here are two posts i found extremely useful for my own calculations and evaluation of NWE from KB:





Also the most recent investor presentation provides a good overview of the company:




It's only logical that AED's holdups would affect the NWE SP, but i'm sure we'll be back into the 30's within the next month or so. I also feel that its unfair to condemn a poster that has contributed so much time and effort to sharing the information that he has gathered. Surely we should be responsible for our own evaluation and purchasing of stocks.


NWE is a buy/hold in my books. There's plenty still to come in terms of drilling and possible acquisitions. Bargain hunters may be able to pick some up cheap by the looks of the market http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/tongue.gif

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QUOTE (Bazza @ Saturday 04/08/07 05:25pm)



" KB was here to line his own pockets. He might tell you he is buying but he wont tell you he is selling until after its done. "


Your post was more destructive than you probably realise. People who do make a real contribution to helping other posters could read stuff like that statement and say " why bother!"


Here is my advice for all free-loaders. Be grateful for every useful morsel of info you get on forums because it's a gift and you didn't do anything to earn it. Be grateful and don't be greedy and demand more. The hope of easy money can make people behave badly.


Here's something to think about. There's a guy on hot copper called trade4profit who is very good at stock-picking. He said last financial year he was up over 300% He cops an fair bit of flak and puerile comments, and every now and then he spits the dummy.


Another poster called Buffett popped up out of the blue and said that he matched trade4profit's performance last year. But then he added this:


"I have been investing for over 40 plus years including the last 17 years full time very successfully.


I spend long hours researching my positions & have a very concentrated portfolio of what most people would call speculative but I have been very successful at it.

Sometimes I think I should invest in top 100 ASX stocks but the mental challenge is not there, so I like to live dangerously & be challenged.

I am still working on refining my system to identify winners in any category of shares including top 100 ASX if that is where you want to invest, but I love finding the shares under 10 cents that give multiples on their original investments.


Unlike T4P, I have no interest in sharing my research apart from immediate family & a few long term loyal friends as I have found out most want a free ride, never say thank you & only want to speak to you when the Dow is down 200 points."


OK, free-loaders, there's your choice. What would you prefer - the generous time-consuming sharing approach or the keeping-it-to-myself approach?


How about showing some decent behaviour here?


PS buying and selling are two very different experiences. Buying is a joyful experience; you are full of hope and want to share your good find with others. Selling is the opposite - it's like you are murdering your baby and your hopes. I know I feel rotten when I sell and terrified I have done the wrong thing. i just want to crawl into a hole and not talk about it. i certainly don't want to have to go on thankless forums and defend my action and then have to put up with the arguments. I also don't want to feel foolish if teh price keeps going up.


I also wouldn't want to flag my intentions of selling to my disciples - if I had any! Funny that, though - King Baz did that - on several posts . Jusr do a search of all his posts and you will see for yourselves. He's a more generous guy than I am!


Cheers Anne

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" If you ever find yourself tempted to seek out someone else's opinion on a trade, that't usually a sure sign that you should get our of your position".


Supertrader Linda Bradford Rashke, from 'New Market Wizards' (Jack D. Schwager).






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