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Interesting they've stopped publishing the Top 200. My formatting below.


"Intec's executive management has for some time been ambivalent about the value to Intec's shareholders of the weekly publication of Top 200 data, recognising both pros and cons arising from the practice. However, given that there is no ASX requirement to publish this data, management considers that it does not serve the interests of either the company or its shareholders to continue with this practice.


As such, the decision has been taken to cease publishing the Top 200 list. Any questions or comments regarding this decision may be directed to Kieran Rodgers, Finance Director, via Intec's Investor Q&A Forum."


General scepticism about the incongruity of a cornerstone investor repeatedly selling down wouldn't have prompted this would it?

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I suspect that your reasoning is correct !


What worries me is that we run of the mill shareholders will now have no way of knowing if a true "cornerstone" shareholder starts to sell down. There are a number in the Top 50, or so, whose presence on the Register is very reassuring. If they start to leave it would be a very strong indicator that all is not well with INL.


Best wishes,



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At least Ivanhoe mines (as of the last top 200) they had not sold. Their cornerstone is well and truly in place, looks good and is holding up their end of the Intec ediface. La Jolla on the other side of the Intec building site has two types of workers one who puts in place their cornerstone and one who vandalises it by smashing it. One wonders what the eventual thing will look like at the end.



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I guess on the other side of the coin Healyn LaJolla are unloading all these shares.......Who is buying them?? Is it someone else taking a cornerstone investor position taking advantage of La Jolla's selldown of cheaper than normally would have been available shares........ Cheaper than the last capital raising..........Theres a few other theories i can think of in this tie in with LaJolla.. V1
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