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In reply to: BSA on Monday 08/09/08 11:48am

Having led us to believe that augmentation with EAF dust (ZnO) was possible, indeed probable, I think the minimum we could have expected from todays announcement was reason why it did not happen.

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In reply to: dimit on Monday 08/09/08 11:00am

Well dimit this was posted in reply to a question by Mango only Friday!!!

The augmentation efforts have gone as well as you can ever expect the addition of a new material into an operating mill to go. We started slowly, learned a few little lessons in the materials handling properties, and then soon increased the rate of augmentation as operations smoothed out.


Interestingly, we've actually backed off the rate of augmentation over the last few days as we temporarily mine through a high-grade cut in the Hellyer tailings dam. We'll pick the rate back up in a fortnight or so when we move to the next cut.


That pretty much says everything that needs to be said on the issue for now. Like most mining companies, Intec isn't about to start divulging details of our individual cost centres to our competitors.

Does the right hand know what the left is doing??



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