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In reply to: dimit on Thursday 04/09/08 12:37pm

Yes dimit someone always playing games somewhere. Not sure what they were trying to achieve but i guess they are the only ones that know eh!!!

Don't think it worked....

If the US dollar stays around this level for a while it will be very good for INL.

Looking forward to seeing the next quarter results to see what effect the augmentation is having on output and eventually where it is actually coming from as that is quite interesting that it is all hush hush!


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QUOTE (dimit @ Friday 05/09/08 02:50pm)

Some bullish divergence on Macd weekly and price may have a good bounce for the quick and game?? But the chart is anything but bullish when you consider its 21 month solid down trend.



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QUOTE (BSA @ Friday 05/09/08 03:54pm)

Well Bsa and the rest of the gang at INL a .035 close on a day like todays means something is close!!!!

Lots to happen to quash the sentiment regarding that ole downtrend though.....

Next week is looking up i would say.Sentiment wise (don't want to jinx that SP)

Ps very few options around so anyone wanting to be in on it has only the heads if they want a fist full or two eh!!!


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In reply to: BSA on Friday 05/09/08 04:54pm


The real question is has the downtrend broken. I run a crossover on a mathematical combination on Dema and Times series forecast. Gives me good smoothing and quick response. Usually pretty good. Tells me downtrend broken.

I think the worse that can happen is consolidation for a few weeks.


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