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In reply to: bananabender on Tuesday 02/09/08 01:33pm

Hi Bananabender.


Of greater immediate interest than the nasty polluting batteries is the falling $A/$US exchange rate on the OZ price of zinc and lead. They are not going "gang-busters" but are doing okay.

The thing I find interesting is the lead price and the Cancelled Warrants on the LME. At the moment there are 12650 tonnes to be cancelled (taken out of the LME) warrants today and that is from a stockpile of only 80575 tonnes. Yes that is still a lot of tonnes over the 20000 tonnes in the LME when lead was going bananas but lead seems to be very much in demand.

Meanwhile the sales of lead on Kitco show a huge demand at about $US0.8566 so I doubt that there will be much lead going in to the LME today. It could be that we will be seeing a recovery in the price of lead now that the Olympics has concluded.

Any increase in zinc and lead prices and lowering of the $A will help Intec in the short term.




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Approx. one year ago Dave Sammut wrote in reply to a question regarding coverage by Macquarie Securities (Australia) Limited:


"...It is understood that the coverage will be updated very shortly and will continue to be updated over the coming year as the situation progresses, to incorporate updates in the metals price forecasts, developments in the Hellyer Residues Project, and other material matters as they are announced to market by Intec."


Does anyone know if there are any updated reports available and if so are they freely available?

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In reply to: mango63 on Wednesday 03/09/08 12:57pm

Hi All.


Metal prices have continued to improve.

Zinc is now at 79.42 while lead is at 87.48.

The $A continues to slide. Now at 83.56 cents to the $US.

All figures have to improve Intec's financial position.



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In reply to: dreamer on Thursday 04/09/08 05:28pm

At 82c/lb USD with a 0.83...c exchange rate it is 97.9c/lb AUD.


If Zn holds around here it should make all holders smile.

The original feasability estimates were based on Zn @ $1/lb AUD from memory.





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