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from the news wires...


Australian government expected to make call today on whether to approve two large LNG projects fed by coal seam gas in Queensland being built by Santos-led (STO.AU) joint venture and BG Group (BG.LN). Identification of small traces of cancer-causing chemicals in Origin-led (ORG.AU) rival project has caused concern Environment Minister Tony Burke will delay a decision but his indications to Dow Jones Newswires may suggest otherwise. In emailed comments Wednesday, the minister said his department was liaising closely with the Queensland government, which is responsible for regulating exploration wells, existing operations at CSG sites, including those owned by BG and Santos. "I am advised that there are no reported breaches from either (BG Group's) QGC or Santos," Burke said. "Any coal seam gas proposals which are being assessed under national environmental law must be looked at on a case-by-case basis." He added that if projects are approved under national environmental laws, they are subject to "rigorous monitoring."

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Seeing that we don't have any news as yet would indicate a few possibilities.


1/ still not ready.Unlikely as he said he will do it today.

2/ The habit of pollies and companies to release bad news on Friday arvo's to bury it in the weekend news cycle.(Bad news for who is the question then?)

3/ Simply they want to release after the market closes to give everyone a chance to digest the good, bad and ugly over the weekend.

Most likely imho.


Given I dont have a sheep station on this I am obviously under employed. :P

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