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from the news wires...


Australian Environment Minister Tony Burke still intends to make a decision on whether to approve two gas export projects in Queensland state on Friday, a government spokesman said Wednesday.


"Nothing's changed at this stage, the decision will be made on Friday," a spokesman for the minister told Dow Jones Newswires.


The identification of trace levels of cancer-causing chemicals in coal seam gas wells being drilled by a rival project has sparked concerns the minister could delay his decision.



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Ouch :weirdsmiley:


Wish Id held out a couple of days. Lot of negative press flying around recently, both re CSG as a whole and the approval. IMO we might see some downward pressure ST, LT still a great opportunity, and if it dips further in the absence of these announcements, I might have another crack.


Balls of steel required! :P




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Hi BB,

In a previous post I said a decision will likely be made to half please everybody.


It is too big to not go ahead and there are without doubt legit environmental concerns.


It will be up to the companies to not hang themselves.Pollies cant afford to be seen to kill off huge investment, jobs etc.


They'll be attacked from some side for any call they make.So they'll set the guide lines, make 'em tough and hand ball to the companies to not cock it up.That way they can say we gave them the chance, we created X amount of jobs and investment but they failed to fulfill their obligations.

Just mho on what may happen.

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