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Its a real shame,


Its been pumped and now is being dumped.


I was hoping for a sustained rally not a five minute job.


Day traders stuff sustained rallys all the the time.


I hope people start seing the company for what it is a long term producer and earner not a overnighter.


Cheers http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/grrr.gif


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In reply to: TMR on Monday 06/06/05 10:17am

Flow rates. Tell me a flow rate story.


I see oil-in-place that wont flow. I see a company that planned *not* to DST an "appraisal" well.


I want to see a plan on how to produce the oil from the tight sands.


Until that, INP wont have cash flow. And that will keep them well below a buck.


Ian Whitchurch

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In reply to: yogi-in-oz on Saturday 04/06/05 01:18pm


Hi Yogi

What are your thoughts for the next few days.

Buyers seemed keen to get in late this afternoon.

I was a little disappointed it did not advance more on Monday.


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Hi Casaremo,


It looks like we will have to wait on further evaluation

of the core samples and other data, before INP commits

to their completion and production programs.


As they are already 5 days longer on this well than

originally planned, they will likely release the rig and

take their time about evaluating the data from this well.


This month, we will be alert for further news, around:


20 June 2005


27 June 2005 ... looks very significant


INP seems to be good at keeping the market informed,

unlike many other oilers.


happy days









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