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In reply to: pukin on Tuesday 19/12/06 10:12am

Pukin... theflasherman is doing the dance! http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif


The article seems to suggest that corn is a good source for ethanol production.


I'm aware of some crops used for bio-diesel such as rapeseed and canola along with animal fat (tallow). I'm not too up on ethanol.


Overall, soft commodities tend not to get as big a focus as the metals, but I wonder if it is time to start looking more closely at them. As pukin points out though, they are subject to Acts of God which cannot be predicted, making them very risky indeed.



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In reply to: theflasherman on Tuesday 19/12/06 10:04pm

Corn futures have been rallying on the back of the US pumping so much corn into ethanol (off the top of my head it is 75 million tonnes, which is maybe 25% of production. These figures are really stretching my memory so DYOR). I haven't kept up with it that much other than reading the odd article in the old Queensland Country Life. But i also heard argentina has stopped exporting corn to keep the local price in their country lower.


On Ethanol not being a goer..... The US are already very committed to it. And it is a cleaner fuel so greens prefer it to normal fuel (still a long way off wind or solar but its a start). I think irrelevant of what people think it has taken off in the US and I reckon only a matter of time before it takes off here. I noticed a lot more service stations are starting to sell it. My Shell down the road has just started in the last month and it is advertised as being cleaner, more powerful and 3c cheaper! People are gonna start switching over.


I have no idea about energy efficiency etc, but if people out there can make a profit from turning grain into ethanol they will. I know a plant is being constructed in south east queensland within 2 years (at Dalby if you are interested). They have just started roadworks in the last couple weeks to widen the road into the plant.


Basically this all leads to IMHO ethanol getting up and away in Australia as well... with increased demand for grain resulting in higher prices! Especially when supply is hammered by the drought we are in at the moment.

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In reply to: pukin on Wednesday 20/12/06 12:43am

Any views on copper out there? It's looking shaky to me and I was wondering what the good copper shares would be for a potential short. Probably the best would be copper only companies like AVM.






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BHP up 3.10% on the UK bourse overnight

& copper drops almost 3% . Try & figure that one out.

If you come up with the answer , please let me know.



UK FTSE index

BHP BILLITON 963.50pence 3:52PM 29.00 +3.10%



kitco.com copper price--------

Copper January 02,11:06

Bid/Ask 2.7619 - 2.7687


Change -0.0782 -2.75%


Low/High 2.7574 - 2.8697


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QUOTE (pukin @ Wednesday 20/12/06 12:13am)

I found the following cautionary article on using ethanol in as a fuel substitute. It is dated December 2002.


Beware the ethanol hangover


It claims that fuel economy on E10 blend is reduced by 2.8% to 5%. That means that E10 blended fuel will need to be of the order of 5c cheaper than unleaded petrol before people will consider using it. Add in the reasonable fears of damage to the engine and we probably need a 10c discount before people it becomes economically wise to use E10 blend fuel.

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In reply to: Smartman_plc on Friday 26/01/07 09:09am

Thats an interesting read... although it is 4 years old. Time will tell if it gets up and away. I currently use it in my car and if anything it is running better. Plus with the 3c / Litre discount its better than paying full price. But a lot of bad press has damaged the image of ethanol. If it is even marginally better than standard fuel its a start. Global Warming is real and the sooner we do something the better. Maybe baby steps to start with but once we get a bit of momentum up then maybe we will start making a real difference. I definately don't think ethanol is some wonder that will fix emissions.... but it is better than stardard fuel. Also I think I read last year in the Queensland Country Life that they did testing on ethanol for fuel efficiency and it come out MORE efficient than normal unleaded. On top of this all cars are made now with a guarantee that you can use E10 in them.

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