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In reply to: filament on Tuesday 06/06/06 12:31am

Near enough to $3 , nickel and zinc are also wallowing around at the bottom of their respective corrections (imo)


Some small fluctuations before the longs take over once again.


Their fingers will be on the buy trigger.


A break of 16,000 ton nickel and 200,000 ton zinc, LME, should see a strong move upward in Ni, Zn and regained confidence in the metal bull market.






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In reply to: filament on Tuesday 13/06/06 10:57am

And which stocks in ur opinion are best for exposure to zinc:

ZFX or the juniors like KZL, PEM, CBH


CBH trading on very small earnings multiples but no1 seems to care for the moment; its been smashed pretty hard in the 30s now


But ZFX i think their results will suprise every1

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In reply to: nizar on Tuesday 13/06/06 11:10am

CBH has the best leverage, i haven't researched the others as a lot of gain has been made and i like the smaller caps.


They've all corrected nicely so $$$ to be made in any.


Of course we are linked to the US market so a negative index influence can artificially hold the metal stocks back for some time.


Long term 1, 2 ,3 years and more make these a good buy.

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from the news wires.......


As base metals losses from May peaks reach 25%-27%, UBS

recommends building long positions into price weakness as supply-demand

fundamentals remain tight, therefore supportive going forward. Copper, nickel,

zinc slumped another 8-10% overnight, aluminum more resilient, as consumer

buying emerged at lower levels. Attributes correction to concerns over slowing

global growth coupled with risk reduction; short-term momentum players

exacerbating losses by selling short, bullying prices through support levels to

trigger sell-stops.

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In reply to: balance on Wednesday 14/06/06 11:43am

Yes, there is plenty of money to be made going short with this volatility.


There is market manipulation by the big boys who are making a fortune.


They will cover in due course.

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Looks like Uranium and Corn are the places to be....




Some interesting analogies can be made between corn for ethanol and other bio-fuels source feed. I suspect that some of these other crops could be interesting plays if it is possible to find a way to get exposure. Some farmers are likely to make a mint from this area I suspect.

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In reply to: theflasherman on Tuesday 19/12/06 06:49pm

I am from a grain farm myself... Ethanol is definately a great thing for us however we need the rain first!!! A lot of farmers are doing it really really tough and there are a fair few that are going to be in big trouble if there isn't some decent rains soon. If the ethanol industry gets up and going and it rains then it will help get a lot of farmers back on there feet. Everyone start rain dancing!!! http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/lmaosmiley.gif

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