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thanks sharescene...


liking the look of this one, revenues skewed 35:65 to the second half. intending to pat 70% of earnings as divs. blimey, it looks like a real business, probably end up talking to myself when/if i get set.


anyone else had a squiz??

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you are a genius stock doctor, i am finally set today, a bit slow compared to you but better late than never.


a few crossed today and seemingly an ongoing buyer.


i reckon $1.50 is a snip if they have revenues skewed to the extent previously disclosed. if they keep the payout ratio at or over these levels we should be happy campers.

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sure thing bello,


TCI is a telecommunication infrastructure company. basically, they provide end to end supply of wireless telecommunication infrastructure. ie finding a site, designing, building and maintainance.


they have contracts with Vodaphone and Optus for both 2G and 3G roll-outs.


looks like it is trading on or around 8x earnings (prospective) with the possibility of a better than forecast result this year.


better yet no one talks about it on bulletin boards.....


....it must make money (like NFD)

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In reply to: wolverine on Monday 25/04/05 03:32pm

Thanks Wolverine, that will set me going. It does amaze me how possible it is to find cheap to undervalued companies, paying dividends. I see UXC the same way too, but it just plods along.

I'll have a read of a few reports and see how TCI suits me. Thanks, I'll give you some feedback sometime soon.



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