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The top of this cycle for ASX200, cash is king ?


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Congratulations, Mark!


you see already, how sorely you'll be missed.

Maybe you could ask your new organisation to place a "Kahuna is Here!" ad banner on this Forum?

Can't cost the Earth - and would certainly help friends like skegsi et al.


And as soon as you're settled in, I'll add you to the Links page on my "Trading with Trinity" website.


Best wishes for your Future, and thanks for all your help, so selflessly given to all. I'm sure our paths will cross again.

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Add another 'all the best"


Mark's advice has been very helpful over the years. I do wonder why he feels driven to manage other people's money when he seemed to be doing well enough with his own to not need another job, but it may be simply the challange.


Does anyone know which organisation he works for? I believe he said he will manage $1mill + portfolio's. Not sure if other time poor people are interested, however i would be happy to be part of a company whith say 3 other shareholders each contributing around $250k that's managed by him. If anyone knows if this is the sort of thing that he would do, AND his contact details, pm me.

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Thanks Mark,


As already said by many. I will miss your insights and talk of grass huts and cordial when things look tough. All the best for the future I I wish you personal success with the new venture & hope those you now guide gain the same satisfaction from your knowledge and entertaining style as I've received.

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K1...Excited for you, and your clients...The next few years will be gems for someone of your calibre.


I have a book here about Buffet....As Buffet has never released much of his strategies or thoughts, this book is an arrangement of his yearly address to his stock holders........I need to sit and sift through your 1,000s of posts and make something similar.


Your posts have been so valuable to me. Although I am not a trader as such, this knowledge has helped guide my course.


Many thanks.

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Good luck Mark.


Over the many, many years of reading your posts, you convinced me that I simply do not do enough research, and I eventually got out of the markets, except for one speccie that my kids can have one day! Put the extra spare time (of which there's lots!) into my career, rather than the markets.

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