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SLX has been around this price for a while now, I am expecting some news soon on a number of fronts i.e superlattice structure,uranium enrichment, translucent etc, this company has a lot of intellectual property at hand and if anything develops on it's IP it will rocket as an aside I found this on ferret it's interesting reading


Rocket fuel boosts transistor speed


Rocket fuel can significantly boost the speed of transistors, researchers have discovered.


The fuel, hydrazine, has turned out to be ideal in helping to make faster thin-film transistors, a crucial component of liquid crystal displays. What is more, it does so in a novel "wet" manufacturing process that should lend itself to cheaper mass production of the components.


Each pixel of an LCD is switched on and off by a thin-film transistor on the back of the display. These transistors are built up from fine layers of semiconductors deposited on a silicon substrate. If the semiconductor can be deposited as a liquid blob and smeared outwards by spinning the substrate like a high-speed record turntable, displays could plummet in price. Until now transistors made this way have been too slow to drive liquid crystal displays.


David Mitzi and colleagues at IBM's T J Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, New York, have managed to create fast thin-film transistors this way. The key was the discovery that the semiconductor tin disulphide, which is insoluble in most liquids, can be dissolved in hydrazine if sulphur is added to the mix. By applying the solution to a silicon substrate and spinning it they were able to create a coating that left a layer of tin disulphide just 5nm thick when heated.


When laced with electron-rich and electron-poor dopants to turn the semiconductor into a transistor, the device was 10 times better at carrying electric charge than previous transistors.


This "wet" manufacture could become the method of choice for mass-producing thin-film transistors.


Courtesy of New Scientist


19 March 2004 end of pasteCheers/Moosey


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ASX Announcement: Wed 7.4.04 - summarized below:


Silex USEC Settlement


All outstanding issues relating to USEC's termination of the Development and Licence Agreement have been settled:


1) Silex ownership & rights to IP have been confirmed.

2) Parties acknowledge Silex as sole owner of all R&D equipment built up during the term of the agreement.

3) Both parties release each other from any other claims under previous agreements and acknowledge previous agreements have been properly terminated.


Silex's uranium 'Direct Measurement' program (expected to be completed later this year). A positive outcome would place Silex in a good position to bring on board a commercialization partner during second half 2004.

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