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In reply to: ShareScene.com on Wednesday 09/03/05 09:14am

Hi all,

It looks like SAU has successfully completed its placement . . . now all we have to do is wait for a listing. I'm excited by the prospects of this company. Gawler Crater has massive potential, and with the tenements SAU has l think the stock will open at a premium to the issue price.

The reduced timeline to capitalising on discoveries is good news for the SP and Uranium does not even need to be mentioned.

Very excited about listing . . .

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In reply to: King Baz on Monday 11/04/05 10:14am

Yeah, this should be worth looking into. Seems like they will be likely to get positive cashflow.



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In reply to: jaded on Wednesday 27/04/05 10:38am

todays JV announcement is promising. It allows SAU to leverage its discovery potential without laying out much capital. In my mind given 38% of the known Uranium reserves in the WORLD are found in this NW-part of SA there is HUGE potential.


A simple analysis shows that SAU can be cashflow positive even with low-level gold discoveries (despite the potentail), thus prospecting for gold will be paid for with gold-revenues. The following uranium discoveries will be massive.


If this stock isn't above 30c by June and 50c by december l would be surprised. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/king.gif

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In reply to: gods_broker on Wednesday 27/04/05 02:48am

GB, any thoughts about SAU?


Southern is expected to announce preliminary results from SA and WA in a few more weeks. Hopefully some good news, Uranium, Nickel, Gold . . .


Any others. I think at a 30% discount to pre-IPO price with promising signs this is good value. Some buyers coming in slowly, sellers slowly increasing selling prices.



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In reply to: King Baz on Sunday 29/05/05 07:12pm


I'll look into this, I've been neglecting this stock for awhile now - just don't have the time to assess it until RTM license is renewed (as you can imagine - i'm trying to recover my damn stock).


From first glance, looks like an equivalent of PNN and I'm really hopeful of that stock. Nickel, Gold and Uranium drilling to occur...


I'll take a look into it sometime this week

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In reply to: gods_broker on Monday 30/05/05 02:55am

How's that research going?


In this one from the beginning. I liked the prospectus and researched (google) all the players.. I particularly liked what I found on Stephen Biggins. I felt comfortable that he had a lot to prove. Okay so emotion was prevelant in my descision....


I to felt that they would open above issue... But alas been as low as .11 and yet to reach issue price. Dammmmm


Now I read their latest ASX notice and see that there are options out there (to the benifit of directors trusts).. I dont recall any mention of that in Prospectus.... but then my memory aint like it used to be.


So there may be a similarity to PNN which is on a rise ATM, but now wondering if I should again change my thoughts I had yesterday to buy again to average down..


Come in Crystal Ball.....



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In reply to: Hampster on Tuesday 07/06/05 07:41am


This seems to be modelling PNN's release into the market. Anyway, with the drilling underway, Nickel is more important to the market than U i believe.


Will be watching this one soon. I'm waiting another fortnight or so before putting money into this.



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