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Slayer, need your help because as you know, I'm a bit dim even in my brightest moments. Am reading that prospectus update, and if I've got it right, Hockings has given up his priority on the underwrite. Is that right?


That must mean he's no longer interested in throwing money in to a black hole. Instead he's just trying to get as much as he can for as little as he can.


You're not still playing with me, are you?

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Rights issue has closed as of Friday. Time to stump with the money if its a cornerstone holder. Or time for the wannabe buyer to reveal themselves.


Eleven days til trading of new shares commence. Maybe all will be revealed in the next few. That way, Hockings doesn't have to part with any more millions.


What is certain is that whenever a main shareholder is trying to thread the eye of a legal needle like what we have seen here, then there is always something underfoot which people would like to keep a lid on.


Why did MRK ditch out on Galapagos?






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ok so you reckon something is up and I reckon nothing.


By your assumptions the Hockings stay below 15% (last directors notice) or some new big shareholder arrives or a suitor does something interesting.


By mine the Hockings get back to something around their original holding (22-28%) and life goes on . . .


FWIW you will be right - this company will be taken out of play on the ASX within 36 months for between 200-500m but up till now - blah blah blah

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Awwww. Come on. You're just playing with me.


With OMD at the helm keeping a close eye on what Hockings gets up to, ensuring sound governance when its necessary, I have every faith this company will make it to the big time if what you say is true. :hypocrite:




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Hasn't this turned into such a sad little joke? The new top twenty list is out. The outcome of all the manoeuvrings amount to a get rich scheme for the boys.


Telethon Inst. has been diluted out to nothing almost. It says something that those people, patients of Telethon and other such institutions, who were set to benefit most from this science have been shafted by greedy little money men.


No new institutions or organizations of any merit coming in to the line up.


It must be great having OMD at the helm. Tell him anything, just keep the pensions paid. Do whatever you like.


Over two billion shares on issue for a tin pot nothing company that pays for the lifestyle. Will wait for the share consolidation then buy in.

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Any time plastic.


Just admit it all and be a man - it will make you feel better and then you can get it all right in a year or 2 when they company gets gobbled up and the Hockings sail off into the sunset with a hundred mill in their back pocket . . .

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