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In reply to: Enumerate on Thursday 04/09/08 01:28pm


Looks, at first glance, as if we might have another big pharma collaboration with Wellcome!


Maybe not, there do not appear to be any connections between Wellcome Trust and GSK. However, Wellcome Trust does appear to be very interested in the indentification of innovative small molecule therapeutics ...

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In reply to: Enumerate on Thursday 04/09/08 05:47pm

... and the Wellcome Trust does also seem to have a vast amount of money behind it.


Is this deal the equivalent of a US$10million - US$100million capital injection?


Wellcome/CMTP seem to have spent a great deal acquiring a very detailed knowledge of biochemical pathways associated with cancer in various tissues. These pathways are "intractable", in classical drug terms.


There are alot of targets presented by CMTP.


The combination of the vast number of Phylomers and high performance screening technology - should yield some very interested new classes of drug.


This is also "from left field" - we are still expected commercial announcements for the core inflammation pre-clinical compounds.


Paul Watt, the science and business development teams must be very pleased by these developments.



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New article, by Paul Watt, in Bio-spectrum Asia, on the web site:




It is a review article on what he terms "biologics". This term usually describes medications produced by means of biological processes involving recombinant DNA technology (antibodies, for example). Phylomers are included in the class by widening the definition to include protein fragments detected based on bioinformatics scans of DNA sequences from diverse species.

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