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It would also be worthwhile considering Novartis' tie up with Morphosys, one of the worlds leading anti-body developers, and the relationship they have with GEN and its Zyrogen programme. AvR is Chairman of GEN.


Instintively, the natural buyer would have to be Novartis, for if they are going to be spending that kind of money on Morphosys then they will also be looking to build second and third generation pipelines. Closer inspection suggests Roche are going the gene based therapeutic way not anti-bodies.


As Enumerate suggests, the question really is how much?


The Chairman has hinted at ~$400m US. Anything lower would now be considered a failure.


But he may still put one of his other company's in to PYC as well in order to off load that at the same time.

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I guess if ever there was a buy signal it was todays PR. Now there is no more risk or debate on the pros and cons of their beyond antibodies approach.


All that is left is for HK and AvR to show off their deal making and closing prowess.


If I were a long time holder I would be feeling pretty damned angry that until now the risk to the holder was never made clear. Its been all bluff and promise but not documented fact.


This whole story has been one of pump and dump and let the suckers carry the risk.


I guess the question now is who wants diamonds?

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Market response shows us what these people have done to the entire sector. There will never be any hope of making a ROI as long as these people continue down the same path they are on.


The only way out is with a major transaction. Sale or RTO and US market exposure. Licencing from here means it will be great for my grandchildren when I get them.

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In reply to: plastic on Wednesday 27/08/08 10:18am

Perhaps a bit harsh...........milestones such as this development are a positive stepping stone towards a "major transaction". Just a pity that prevailing market conditions are so negative for any company without earnings or a strong balance sheet. Its going to be a long haul.......but starting to make the right noises again.

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We are coming up to the date when, six months ago, PYC advised that it would take six months to complete the jig saw puzzle.


It looks as if the latest stability or affinity enhancement data was the final piece.


I would expect that there would be a number interested parties now lined up and that a number of potential pre-clinical deals were now possible. It looks as if RA and IBS could be the first cabs off the rank - with J&J. However, Opsona/Wyeth could also be in the mix.


There are even deals possible around the burns work or the neural trauma/apoptosis work.


I am expecting at least one major deal over the next few months. However, I think multiple deals are possible. Even a complete acquisition, of PYC by a pharma partner, cannot be discounted.



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In reply to: panguna on Thursday 04/09/08 10:11am

Further to that release:



PHYLOGICA joins with Cambridge on Phylomer library

10:14, Thursday, 4 September 2008


Sydney - Thursday - September 4: (RWE Aust Business News) -

Phylogica (ASX:PYC) has signed a joint agreement with Cambridge

University and the UK's Medical Research Council to facilitate

development and commercialisation of novel cancer drugs.

The first stage of the collaboration will use Phylogica's

Phylomer peptide library in a new format, increasing the ways these

libraries can be screened to identify potential drug candidates.

"The Phylogica libraries contain more than 260 million Phylomer

peptides and we are very excited at the prospect of appying this novel

technology in cancer," said professor Ashok Venkitaraman, one of the

heads of the program at Cambridge Molecular Therapeutics.




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In reply to: panguna on Thursday 04/09/08 01:20pm

Wow ...



The Cambridge Molecular Therapeutics Programme (CMTP) is an interdisciplinary initiative at the University of Cambridge that aims to explore new scientific paradigms for the discovery and development of small molecule therapeutics.


Note the "small molecule" therapeutic emphasis. This is further recognition of the value in the Phylomer drug discovery framework.




Looks, at first glance, as if we might have another big pharma collaboration with Wellcome!



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