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In many regards I hope this one is not taken over. I am hoping for a nice license/royalty/development money deal around one or more disease target.


As a "platform" technology company, it would be good gain the full commercial advantages of success against a number of disease states. Further, it would be good to do the research in Australia rather than bundle it off overseas.


The key thing with Phylomers is that they are such excellent drug candidates (efficacy, low toxicity, targeted, easy to deliver, stable, easy to manufacture in a "pure" state, dosable ...).


Just because US and Euro Pharma have bags of cash does not mean we have to sell them the tree with ripening fruit on it ... they can pay a good price for each piece of fruit, one at a time ...



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In reply to: Enumerate on Saturday 03/05/08 03:39pm

Enumerate: As a matter of principle, I fully agree with your comments that it would indeed be much better to sell at "a good price for each piece of fruit, one at a time", as you so nicely put it.

However, I do understand that at least some persons among PYC's management might or would/will be keen to cash-in as soon as there is a feasible (high enough) offer on the table. (Wonder, at would price level such an offer would be "judged high enough"??).


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In reply to: wasabibarako on Sunday 04/05/08 01:17pm

There are absolutely no indications from "Big Pharma" or otherwise that a takeover is being contemplated. If such was the case, surely at these levels, some buying would appear. It would not take much $ for anyone with an appetite to seriously impact the register at present.

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In reply to: gamekeeper on Wednesday 07/05/08 03:46pm

I reckon what they need - the final piece of the puzzle - is a human trial proving the safety and efficacy of the Phylomer approach.


I would think a nice big fat development payment with generous royalty/license terms leading to an IND and FDA compliant quantification of one drug candidate within the platform would be what the doctor ordered ...


This might occur in conjunction with one of the current partners.

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In reply to: Enumerate on Wednesday 07/05/08 12:39pm

Agree.......... that would generate some interest. Need to hear something positive in the short term from interim management structure. Stock is "dead in the water" at present. Needs news.

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Is their any relevance between this stock and Washer's appointment today to TIS as executive director?


PYC got a big write up in the blurb.


I see though there was no reference to his involvement in GEN. Nothing to rave about there I suppose.


It would not take much $ for anyone with an appetite to seriously impact the register at present.


I have often asked myself this one. The answer is this. No pharma will buy on market because they are going to buy through a PIPE and the lower the price goes and the longer it goes on for the lower the average price will be for the PIPE.


Look around and you will see not one single biotech has any interest in lifting its price. Each and every single one of them does nothing about except offering up big and empty promises of a pharma deal.


You have to ask why not?


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In reply to: plastic on Wednesday 07/05/08 04:11pm

Yes plastic, I have questioned that.


My only conclusion is that biotech boards are often weighted far too heavily with scientific minds and lack people with hard nosed commercial drive. The driving ambition of most scientists is to discover/find/prove and be published..............sounds harsh but true.


At this stage, I'm not seeing or hearing anything from interim management which frankly disappoints me .........but I understand the difficulty in attracting a top shelf CEO in current circumstances.


This stock was always a long term play for me........but I expected more "bang for my buck" than I've had to date.............Leave in the bottom draw and be patient is my current view.

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Yes. But these people, and this isn't restricted to just PYC, hold themselves up as venture capitalists of science pedigree. And they have been there for years.


In all of that time they have not articulated a clear plan. After all, VC's go in to a company with an exit strategy.


Therefore, the lack of interest shown in creating uplift in the price since the option expiry, and in the other stocks, can only be read as being part of the larger plan.


SW and HK are on record as saying the sector is ready for M&A activity but that it is difficult because people are being precious to their IP, jobs and companies. Which leaves M&A without the M&A or a PIPE exercise to arrange the different companies under different umbrellas led by big pharma. Or in other words the keiretsu model for business facilitated by a PIPE.

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