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ALNY have had a surreptitious presence on the board for some time. It has now moved to Merck.


When you look at the subsidiaries of ALNY, what stands out is no Down Under subsidiary. Neither in Australia nor NZ. Strikes me as odd that they can have subsidiaries all through Europe, the Americas and in Taiwan and Japan but they can't be bothered with Down Under. Yet they maintain a presence on the Board. Very odd.


I also note one of the subsidiaries is Sirna. A Merck mistake which they sold to ALNY. I can remember Merck bossing ALNY on a transaction for some IP once. It was the only time I ever saw ALNY back down from an IP fight.


I reckon it will be Merck or ALNY who swoops on PYC but it will be at a discount of a few limbs.


It was always ALNY who said ARWR didn't have anything of value despite them having use of PYC's endosome escape technology patent. So maybe ARWR are the developers and provers of it and ALNY just come along and take the cake when it suits them.

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Confirmed in the quarterly.


A significant re-rate up or down coming. Otherwise a buy out. My guess, a buy out. Do you really think these guys can carry the weight of developing a drug by themselves when there are more than 3bn shares on issue for a market cap of $500m?

At 30c that is about a billion.


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Like my old mate slayer used to say; PYC. It's a tractor man.


Or as I say, if this were nuclear energy, PYC figured out the heavy water part of the equation making nuclear energy engineer-able. Later, Einstein quantified it.


But at the time, there were many different isotopes available to make the heavy water with but only one way to split the atom and unleash that energy.


So it is with RNAi delivery.


Plenty of different tractors, its the seed to be sewn that matters. But you still need a good tractor and not all tractors are the same. Some are actually better than others. Which makes PYC an attractive take over target.

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Someone really wants the closing price at 14c. Been very resilient at this level. Unlikely to go below unless a binary event unfolds in the data. Wouldn't expect it but sometimes these things are by design more than anything else.


Therefore today's closing may well be the final gong before being euthanized.

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It's not a good look when at this stage of the game the best they can do is tell us about the next dog n pony show they are going to attend. They have been doing that for about 15 years now. But they were able to get a desk in someone else's office which is an endorsement of sorts.


Looks like there is a seller in the market. 13.5c kissed on volume. A prescient omen perhaps as the market begins to wobble a bit.

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