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Sew should be sow. I know that. It's not funny getting it wrong.


But if you want to read something hilarious, go to HC and read the blabber being posted on PYC and how great the science is.


Not saying they're wrong. To contrary. I agree with the pumptards more than anyone. The laughs come when they so obviously ignore the elephants in the room. That being, share price, money burn and capital structure.


PYC is in the Valley of Death. Odds are they don't make it to the other side.


Best hope for a buyout.



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A universe of peptides reside in PYC's library just waiting to be discovered to change the future of the world and medicine. My question. Who is paying for the development of it all if what has occurred so far is proof of what it takes for just one.

They are walking in the Valley of Death.


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A week after their claim of having cracked the holy grail for RNAi therapeutics by developing the key to delivery of cargo through the endosome layer there is barely even a ripple on the water. In fact, such a massive breakthrough announcement has commanded a 0.5c premium to recent highs.


Remember ARWR were always claiming to have the whip hand when it came to endosome escape technology. Even though I can very clearly remember PYC hamming it up when they applied for the patent in Japan I believe.


So why the lack of market interest?

PYC probably have the same kind of breakthrough BIT did when it came to having a cure for HIV.


Yeah. Sure. Or perhaps others know they are in the Valley of Death and are buzzing around like vultures.

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If ARWR's endosome escape hatch technology is anything at all like PYC's or even remotely connected to it then PYC can't be long for this world. ARWR is up 50% today on PII data.


Surely someone wants to offer half a billion for this thing.


Thats only about a half cent more than what its trading at now. Still less than IPO price though.

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Not sure what anyone else thinks but it looks to me like we have a break out. In my experience, if breakout occurs while a company is walking through the Valley of Death, then a buy out offer soon appears. The breakout serves as a harbinger.

So watch out guys. Takover offer coming in from ARWR is my guess.




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For sale sign is out. Wasn't Huey a drinking pal of Junior's? Now he gets the ol' heave ho. Hmmm. Come in buyer Number One. A billion and it's yours. So is the cost of further discovery and development along with any associated patents and their disputes.


Worth observing the departure of one particular guy at Alnylam as well given the connection there and the location of Huey's dining room table cum US office .

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